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Trade Your Sweat for Prizes!

Entertainment - Fitness - Fashion/Gift

I'm so excited for Round 2 of winter fitness challenges from Booya Fitness! The VDAY challenge in Feb was amazing! Check out the new theme for March by watching the video below:

All you have to do is sign up HERE on Booya Fitness to get going. Take the classes you love and follow instruction promps for the current Cardio Blast Challenge to be entered to win these prizes in the video below...

Isn't the host so FAB? I mean...look at how she handles those prizes. But seriously, it's hard to decide which one is my favorite prize because quite frankly, I own them all. The prizes I pick for each Booya Fitness challenge are based on my favorite products and gear that I've personally test out for you.

Like I say in the video, we're picking 3 winners per prize category, so you have an excellent chance of winning. My advice is sweat your butt off and win yourself some stylish fitness gear. What does entering cost you? Literally, a workout! And that's something you were going to do anyway. Excited to see who wins! I'm betting on you :)

Booya Fitness offers the most cost-effective trending fitness classes online. You can work out as much as you like for just $9.99/month. Let me put something in perspective for you. Here in NYC, I pay between $30-40 to attend these very same classes featured on Booya, and that's just for a single class. Booya is A DEAL! And you can even work out while you travel. Never miss a class, ever. Amen.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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