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Springtime for Gym-time Trends

Trending - Fashion/Gift

As you already know, fitness fashion can easily take you from studio to street...and these days fitness fashion totally chases what’s on the runways making it easier to seamlessly rock your workout look multiple ways. Last year we saw a lot of peplum. The designers for AEO Performance from American Eagle Outfitters took this ladylike style and used moisture-wicking material to make it...

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Fun Runs Are Trending. But Which Ones Are The Most Fun?

Fitness - Trending

Sweating it out on a treadmill or even a running path in a park is an acquired taste. Although the streets are flooded these days with runners of all abilities, shapes and sizes, it's one of the toughest sports to love as a novice. That's why novelty runs are taking off as a fitness trend for those who want to dabble in running but need an extra fun incentive to hit the ground...

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Be Your Own Stylish Valentine

Fashion/Gift - Trending

Whether you've got a hot date or not this Valentine's Day, make sure to schedule some time with yourself for a fit date. This year VDAY falls on a Friday so I'm  giving you all weekend to do it. Check out my favorite "heart healthy" fitness-fashion-wear inspirations for this Valentines Day 2014... Gym Girl Apparel's Red Hot Sports Bra Lace typically goes with lingerie. But why not...

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New Website! New Fitness Trends to Fawn Over!

Fashion/Gift - Entertainment - Trending Got A Makeover! Didja notice? I hope so because I'm quite liking my new web design, branding and inter-"face". Through the years (5!), I've grown up and so has It was time to expose our tree rings with an upgrade. I still can't believe I designed the old site all by myself because this new site was the result of many minds coming together. I'm so grateful for all the...

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Run from Domestic Abuse with the Help of Women

Fitness - Trending - Health

I just couldn't keep hanging on, and neither should you. I found myself in a pretty unhealthy relationship last year. I was constantly being told my body wasn't right and forcefully pushed away when I tried to remedy a fight with a hug. There is more...but that's not the point. My intention with the video I've made called Run from Domestic Abuse: A Lifesaving Message for Women, which I hope...

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Thank You, Norma Kamali, and All the Woman Who Empower Me!

Health - Fitness - Celeb interviews - Trending - Entertainment

This is it! My favorite celebrity interview so far! We’ve got to live our lives by our own calendar and pay the next woman forward with a lot of insight. Gobble up this episode of my  “Women Who Empower” series featuring fashion designer and wellness guru, Norma Kamali. Women like Norma fill my head and heart with amazing love, courage and ambition. I mean, just look at...

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Why I Love Pamela Anderson, Hate the Holidays and No Longer Feel Like A Blimp

Trending - Fitness

I BEGIN MY STORY... On the frigid morning of November 4th of 2013, Pamela Anderson and I both set out to run the New York City Marathon dressed in adidas sportswear. Here's proof of me running with a little self-filmed video: Here's proof that Pamela ran...everything about this picture is amazing! I beat Pam to the finish line by nearly 2 hours but that's not the point....

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Getting Real on the Naturally Beautiful Show with Nitika Chopra

Health - Trending

Nitika Chopra is a wellness force to be reckoned with...and I have a hunch she might be the next Oprah! So when she invited me to come on her Naturally Beautiful show on the Veria Living Network to talk about my fitness journey and share some MizzFIT Tips, I had to say YES. Check out our convo and tell me about your own journey. We all have our stories, right?

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Hey Runners! KLINGG Holds Your "Buds" Tight.


I pretty much detest all magnets especially the fridge poetry variety but KLINGG has won me over. It's a sportswear grip magnet made for gym-goers, runners, cyclers and skaters to secure earbuds from fallout and earphone wires from becoming a nuisance. I needed a KLINGG badly as I have a favorite pair of earbuds that fit perfectly in my ears but have wires that are rather long, tangle up and...

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Fitness Festival Bags for Healthy Shoulders


The wrong bag quickly becomes an unwearable burden at a festival where you have to move around a lot. Ditch your pinch-a-nerve-purse for Lululemon's Festival Bag ($68) or Run From Work Backpack ($98). These bags are made to carry your outdoor summer festival essentials without stressing out your shoulders. Designed with water-resistant polyester fabric, both bags can endure mud, sweat and...

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