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Not so long ago, Bianca Jade had a successful advertising career. With her exceptional design and writing skills, she crafted ad campaigns for global brands. Her clients were happy. Her agency was happy. Bianca, however, wasn’t sure she had found her calling. 

After work, she hit the gym. On weekends, she hit the gym. When she was frustrated with work or boyfriend or whatever, she hit the gym. The gym cleared her head, toned her body and made her focus. And it’s where she discovered a new side to her, a fitness alter ego. She loved everything about working out. She loved going to the gym. She wished her office was more like the gym. She adored workout attire, not business attire. She wanted to motivate other women to feel healthier and look better. And she wasn’t afraid to sweat. And so, Mizzfit.com was born.

Mizzfit lifted Bianca out of her office cubicle and into the public eye...like on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. You better believe she's still pinching herself over that one.


Mizzfit has been sought out by celebrities, bloggers, magazines and national TV news shows to advise, inspire and influence people on fitness, fashion and the awesome intersection of both worlds.




Mizzfit will break a sweat wherever fitness is found.


Mizzfit gets people to the gym, to yoga class, to outdoor parks, to trapeze schools, and anywhere else you can break a sweat and look good doing it.

But Mizzfit doesn’t just work out and then blog about it. She speaks on panels, she hits the red carpet at fitness events, she stylizes sportswear brands in their marketing efforts and product launches, and she even hangs out with Jillian Michaels.


Brands Bianca has worked with:


If there’s a new fitness trend or a hot look at the gym, chances are Mizzfit has tried it, done it and blogged about it. Mizzfit has helped all kinds of women – married and single, Moms and Moms-to-be, daintily petite and fabulously plus-sized. Mizzfit and Bianca have the same mission: to help anyone who wants to feel good about themselves through exercise and fashion.


Mizzfit helps all kinds of women.

Bianca Jade Trend Expert Hosting Reel

Mizzfit calls New York City home, but will break a sweat wherever fitness trends are found. From Brooklyn to Brazil, from Chinatown to Shanghai, from Little Italy to the bigger Italy. And Mizzfit isn’t anywhere near cooling down. Hell, she’s just getting warmed up.

To connect with Mizzfit, follow her on Twitter and make sure to like the Mizzfit Facebook Page. You can drop her a note here too.

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