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Bianca Jade is a well-known, highly sought after integrative lifestyle TV host and on-air personality for companies such as Amazon Live, HSN and ShopHQ.

Bianca knows the art of telling a good story, which was the impetus of her career in television. She has dazzled audiences across the nation with her charm and wit as a contributor to many outlets such as Today Show, FOX News, CBS Morning News, Dr. Oz, and regional affiliates across the country.

She can be engaged for:

  • Expert Interviews
  • Guest Hosting
  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Local & National TV Hosting
  • Home Shopping TV Hosting




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Bianca got her start online, so the digital space is second nature to her. From writing, creating captivating visual content, videos with cinematic effects and livestream experiences, Bianca loves connecting with all audiences online.

  • Digital Opportunities
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Digital & Commercial Host
  • Live Event / Livestream Hosting
  • Zoom Events
  • Vlogging and blogging




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Bianca is a leading influencer in the categories of fitness, health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She is known for being one of the 1st fitness bloggers in the US to pave the way for the now flourishing world of health blogging. Since 2009, Bianca has worked with a wide range of brands to create co-branded content through dynamic storytelling. These brands include but are not limited to Dove, Cetaphil, Nivea, Aveeno, Adidas, New Balance, Asics, Mirror, LifeTime, GoDaddy, Ebay, Atkins, Cafe Bustelo, Michelob ULTRA, Westin, Marriott, ULTA Beauty, Netflix, FORD, and Swarovski.

Her partnerships include:

  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Fitness Activations
  • Health & Wellness Influencer
  • Beauty Showcase & Skincare Launches
  • Brand Endorsements
  • Expo Attendance and Brand Ambassadorship Marketing for Expos



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Bianca travels the world covering destinations, resorts and lust-worthy experiences. She has worked with the tourism boards of Anguilla, Nevis, Honduras, and The Dominican Republic, while also partnering with travel-inspired festivals like Wanderlust. Bianca Jade is engaged directly by resorts, spas and hotels like Four Seaons, JW Marriott Hotels, Palace Resorts, AM Resorts, Camelback Inn, The Dream Hotels and The Bryant Park Hotel NYC.

In 2020, the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) announced the launch of the Nevis Tourism Ambassador Program, a unique partnership with an exclusive group of Travel Advisors, Influencers and Journalists which included Bianca Jade and names her as official Ambassador.

Bianca’s work in the travel space includes:

  • Travel Ambassadorship
  • Photography & Video
  • Luxury, Retreat, Eco and Adventure Writing
  • Hotel & Resort Features
  • Special Event & Festival Features




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Speaking Events

Engage Bianca for speaking events and workshops, such as:

  • Live & Digital Panel Discussions
  • Entrepreneurship & Content Creator Showcase
  • Influencer / Creator Break Out Sessions
  • Social Media Marketing and Personal Branding Talks
  • Female Founders, Latinx Creators and Fighting Anti-Semitism in America talks




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Bianca donates her time to work with philanthropies in the following ways:

  • Spokesperson
  • Sport & Fitness Fundraising Challenges
  • Documentary style video production
  • Interviews, Events and Co-hosting informative presentations




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It’s part muse, part news, and a whole lot of community. Let’s navigate this crazy wellness world together! Get all my healthy living, beauty, style and travel tips! Learn about my latest discoveries, from innovations in fitness to skincare technology & anti-aging. Not only will I share what products, services and experiences I’m loving for head to toe wellness, I’ll help you get access to them and guide you through decisions like only a best friend could. This is where you want to stay connected with me for events, deals, giveaways, retreats, and updates on projects I’m working on just for you! See that box below? That’s where the magic happens.