My Stryde Bike Experience




What is a Stryde Bike?

Stryde is an in-home cycling bike that emulates the experience of going to a spin studio. It's a superbly designed machine with a 21.5" full HD tablet, 2 speakers, a headphones port and Bluetooth connectivity.  

How I started riding with Stryde:

In 2020, Stryde reached out to me asking if I'd like to try their bike. Going through the pandemic and living in Manhattan where pretty much every fitness studio is currently closed has been tough, so I eagerly said YES! I didn't know how I'd like it though. As I began to set my bike up to my liking and take classes every day, I fell in love! I created this page as a testimonial of my experience and I will keep updating it with pictures and info as I dive deeper into my cycling routine. Please keep in mind, I'm not an employee of Stryde or paid to share my opinions. I figured people would be searching for in depth information and I want to provide it here!

Why I love it...

  • The price! It's cheaper than a Pelaton bike by a couple hundred dollars, delivery is free and the membership fee is optional.
  • It's slim! I live in a NYC apartment (aka small), and my Stryde fits perfectly and actually looks sleek in the corner where it lives. 
  • The classes! I love the upbeat range of classes on Stryde's app. The music is on point and there are many classes that incorporate weights and cool downs. I like the variety of classes coming from studios across the country which are all pre-recorded and means I can hop on my bike and take one whenever I want.

How I'm customizing my experience:

Cost and class membership:

Stryde Bike costs $1595 and comes with an optional $29.99 membership for classes that are constantly updated to keep your riding experience fresh.

Got Questions? I'm here to answer them! 

I'm here to steer you in the right direction. Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions about my Stryde experience.





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