2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Lovers

2021 Valentines Day gift guide featuring lingerie and gifts for men. Bianca Jade is wearing a lace lingerie set from Adore Me.

Here’s my quick gift guide for progressive lovers on VDAY. While I always think experiences are more memorable than tangible gifts, I’ve put together a mix of ideas here that should get your creative juices flowing for Valentine’s Day. I admit I had some trouble thinking about this in a gender-free, non-binary way so I'll just chalk it up to this being a fun gift guide made by a straight girl for whoever wants to read it. If you’re single, like me, buy yourself all the things that speak to your self-love or share a good plan with your girlfriends. One of my girlfriend’s birthdays is actually on VDAY (happy VDAY, Somi!). I, personally will be dining at Frevo NYC on the 1st day of NYC dining openning back up! Eating at a restaurant where every plate is a canvas of artistry and where I can take all the instragram stories my heart desires, is my idea of perfection. Check out the Frevo on Instagram to see what I mean. Just remember a VDAY gift is only as good as the giver, so make sure whatever you do, that your intent is to show love and appreciation (which is also your get out of jail free card if your gift blows). 



I'm basing these off of 42 years of being a woman!

Anything sexy from ADORE ME!

I love this lingerie, sleepwear and intimates brand. I wear their stuff as you can see from my outfit change video. Gifting lingerie (just like buying it for yourself) can be so special, as long as you’re not creepy about it and expect something in return. We live in a different time, so just be sweet and selfless when you gift something lacy or provocative. It’s received so much better this way. Lingerie makes everyone feel good.


A PURSE. We love purses.

We’ll always remember you when we wear it. You should always go designer unless your girl is more boho chic and prefers something like the assortment of purses on Streets Ahead. I have my eye on the saddlebag below. But I also can’t get over the Kate Spade VDAY "Love Letters" satchel.I mean, it's just too cute and would complete any influencer's wardrobe! At this point, you can prob snag one in-store and if they're sold out, then rest assured, Kate Spade will have something else VDAY themed that's gushing with cuteness.



Shower her with FLOWERS. Just do it.

If you arrive without at the very least 6 gorgeous red or white roses (which are so elegant), you’ve failed. HERE ARE MY FLORAL SUGGESTIONS. Right now, (1) VDAY wreaths and (2) everlasting roses in a box are trending because they’re very Instagram-able and would give you lots of social clout from your valentine! 


DITCH the candy. She don’t want all that chocolate.

She’s worked out TOO HARD. Instead, gift her a sweet treat like the Vénus Mon Amour Macarons Gift Box from Ladurée. Not only are they gorgeous (arguably too pretty to eat) but she can share them with her friends, feel like she indulged and brag about how you  “did so good”. Ladurée has nation-wide shipping. But make sure you give her something else with this box. The macarons are not enough on their own. Just a helpful hint/warning.


Surprise her with a GETAWAY.

Couldn’t we all use that right now? Even if it’s a 3-hr drive away. Just go somewhere remote and romantic or at the very least, scenic! The planning that goes into this will speak to your feelings for her. For the cherry on top, gift her with The Royal Bag Set in red from Packs Projects, all made from vegan leather. I get so many compliments on mine!


If you absolutely can’t think of a gift that suits your valentine, JUST ASK HER!

Especially if you've been together a while, know her well, etc. She won't be shy. I was recently asked, what I wanted for my birthday. I have pretty much everything a girl could want, but the first thing that came to mind was: covering 1 month of my private gym membership at The Fort NYC which includes daily personal training. This is an expense I take on myself normally and it’s a huge gift I give to myself but if someone wants to do it for me, why the hell not? Working out every day makes me happy. Get the woman you love something that makes her happy every day. That’s the best gift of all!



In my opinion, gifting men is so much easier than women! 



 These are so sexy on men. I love them on women too, so maybe just splurge and get a matching set. Make sure to get your man the black signet ring as some designs are just entirely in silver or gold.


 A TASTING RESERVATION with spirits pairing.

Men like to eat and drink. Get him drunk and take advantage of him in a very consensual way. 


FITNESS GEAR. They never buy it themselves. Trust me.

I say this not because I’m a fitness fanatic but rather because men tend to skimp on buying themselves workout clothes and instead just wear old sweats, thinking it’ll work out for them. But it never does. Hello disgusting sweat spots. So just go ahead and buy them some expensive workout gear and nice workout underwear too. They’ll love it! I know from experience. I recommend RHONE for apparel, but get the underwear from Lululemon HERE.


BOTOX, DISPORT or XEOMIN. I’m not kidding.

What they won’t do themselves (out of embarrassment) they’ll do if you already paid for it or set up the appointment. Don't tell them they look ugly or tired or anything like that. Just remind them that their general youthful appearance keeps your love life electric. Deep down, this makes sense to them, and they ultimately want to look good for you. And if they say "no", well, yeah, I got nothing. For me, this is imperative. So if you want my recommendation, book him an appointment HERE (lots of happy male clients go here in NYC) or somewhere local to you that caters to men.


ACUPUNCTURE: another wellness treat they can admit to loving.

As long as your guy doesn’t squirm at the sight of needles, this is a great gift for his sore spots. Hire someone like TCM Hoots (in the tri-state area) who comes to your home and hooks up the Electro-Acu which can really rejuvenate a man in pain. This is him treating me in my living room. The cost is around $175 a session and so so so worth it!


BOOTS from Thursday's.

I love how Thursday Boot Co. manages to create a boot style & finish for every kind of man--literally! My favorites are the Captain in Black Matte but also the new Captain style with the side zip. A gift certificate from Thursdays will make him smile. Or, if you're local to Manhattan, a trip to their posh Flatiron headquarters to pick out a favorite pair in person is even better (it's a cool spot).


A Travel or Commutefr BACKPACK.

I’m partial to this one called the Colton Backpack from Packs Project. Make it black matte. Fill the backpack with things he likes, wrapping everything inside so it’s a fun game when he opens each gift within the larger gift of the backpack. Maybe one gift is a certificate to a favorite love making spot or fantasy that he can cash in when he likes. You know, if that's your thing...




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