Aerojump: cardio/jump rope class

I just finished taking the AEROJUMP class at AEROSPACE High Performance Center and I can’t remember the last time I worked out so hard. A big shout out to Niki and Louise for joining me. Without them, I surely wouldn’t have survived. AEROSPACE is a modern, airy boxing gym with dark wood floors and lots of space to move around. It isn’t the type of gym that feels overcrowded and overwhelming. It has a soothing ambience and a minimalist decor that gives you the impression of being at an exclusive gym. There’s a pretty even ratio of male to female members and the vibe is more Gleason’s hard-ass than Equinox posh.

Michael Olajide, co-founder of AEROSPACE and our AEROJUMP instructor, was immediately attentive to our beginner level status and gave us some suggestions for lasting through the hour-long class. Did I mention class lasted for an entire hour? Because it did. For that full hour, the ONLY thing we did was jump rope. There are no breaks but there’s no pressure if you take a moment and catch your breath. Surprisingly, there are many ways to jump rope (some easier than others). Even though I was on the verge of several mini heart attacks, the class was absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend it. It’s 100% cardiovascular and I could feel the workout in my arms and legs instantly. This class is not for the faint of heart. AEROJUMP is best suited for people with good endurance who enjoy a high intensity workout. If you’ve never jumped rope before—no problem! Louise was a first-timer and she was jumping rope like a pro by the end of class.

Back to Michael, he oozes coolness. He makes sure everyone is jumping rope at their own comfort level and provides lots of encouragement while fully participating in the class. How he’s able to do that—I have no idea. He’s definitely got moves which is probably why he’s a former #1 ranked middleweight boxer. Definitely check out AEROJUMP with Michael Olajide at AEROSPACE! While you’re there, you might even run into the likes of Hugh Jackman, Q-tip and some Victoria Secret models. It’s definitely worth the very sweaty and sore walk home afterwards. Many thanks to the folks at AEROSPACE for accomodating and prepping us for this class!

Aerospace, 332 West 13th Street NYC, 212.929.1640


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