Avoid the Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong Gear to Workout: WHAT NOT TO DO


You really do learn from your mistakes. Ex-boyfriends and bad sportswear...

What can I tell you? We shall and WILL SURVIVE! There's no question that unwise sportswear choices can spoil your workout. And you don’t have time for that! Read these DON’Ts and master the DO’s! The right gear choices will make you feel confident from the first drop of sweat to the last.


1. DON’T wear boyfriend hand-me-downs or oversized shirts you stole from the dude you hooked up with way back when. Or maybe it was last night?

And please throw away those old varsity shorts! They might bring back sweet memories but they’re worn out, shapeless and c’mon—so outta style! Instead, channel the “I borrowed this from my boyfriend” look or ex-boyfriend (who's never getting it back), by scoring pieces from the new adidas Boyfriend Line.

The Boyfriend Baby Bro Tank makes you feel like you’re wearing his clothes in a chic way that flatters your feminine silhouette while still giving off an effortlessly thrown together vibe. I have it in a grassy green color, and had to photograph it with my pup’s favorite toy: the ex boyfriend doll (which I may or may not have helped to tear up a lil').

Quick tip: his clothes on you are meant for somewhere the rest of us can’t see! Wear sportswear that fits your attitude and matches your workout.


2. DON’T let your "girls" steal your thunder!

If you have perky ones that like to pop out and point the way, tame them with the adidas padded TechFit Sports Bra. I'm all for cleavage if you have it, but pointy signals are NOT what you want to show off while you work out! You can hide your body’s natural excitement with the TechFit Bra because it smoothes, lifts and supports your chest while you show off something better—like how many push ups you can do! Grab your magnifiers, nothing shows through my TechFit Bra.

No Photoshop applied...scout's honor...otherwise there'd be a 6-pack.

Quick Tip: Cold gyms often encourage perky nipples, get your warm up started right away to help out the situation!


3. DON’T wear a capri, tight or legging with a loose or dangerously low waistband. EVER!

Why? Because once you get to moving, the band will slip downward and expose “stuff”. It’s happened to me and totally ruined my workout. I had a pair of run tights I loved that fit well everywhere except along the waist. When I went to one of my favorite workouts (Barry’s Bootcamp NYC), the slippage went into effect. I had to keep pulling my pants up like a Grandpa who refuses to wear a belt. I felt insecure, uncomfortable and not in the zone. If you wear thong undies like I do, this is a BAD look. You don’t want to be that girl!

I recommend capris which a secure waistband that won’t stretch out.

Quick tip: Fitness fashion should express your personality and never reveal your underpants!


4. DON’T wear snug baby tees for exercise.

If you’re going the t-shirt route, stay away from skin tight tees that pull at the sleeves, armpits and around the neck. You don't want to be nicknamed Spotty Dotty. You want a tee that lets you sweat gracefully. The adidas Boyfriend Double V Tee has a loose fit in all the areas where you sweat the most and it lifts moisture away before a sweat spot can even form. The deep v-neck style is ventilating, and gives you the option to show off a fun sports bra or tank underneath. It’s the tee that moves with you and won’t chafe you like a cotton t-shirt will when it gets heavy with sweat. AND you can pair it with jeans and a fun bodysuit-tank underneath for some wannabe hipster flare. Can't do that with a baby tee, can you?

Quick Tip: If it’s cotton, it doesn’t belong in your workout drawer. Check labels and look for fabrics engineered with wicking properties like Climalite by adidas.


5. DON’T ever sacrifice comfort for style. Find a shoe that has both.

Your feet carry you through your workout, so make them your top priority. Blistered, sore feet can put you out for days! And, you can easily injure yourself in a shoe that‘s strictly meant for street style. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women wearing Converse shoes for cardio-based workouts. It’s not safe. There’s no support or protection, and they work against the quick range of motion your workouts require. Invest the time to find a sneaker that feels good on your feet and that’s designed to handle the type of workouts you do most.

My adidas adipure Trainers are perfect for my dance cardio classes because they’re lightweight, soft and slim for all the toning work and hopping around I do at Body By Simone studio in NYC. FYI, white shoes are making their comeback! Just keep 'em squeaky clean. The Springblade is another sneak coming out in August--made for runners!

Quick tip: The best places to shop for shoes that have it all (function and fashion) are specialty sport stores that have treadmills on which you can test out any shoe you’re considering. Bring your own socks when you shop and walk away a happy camper, i.e. fungus-free!

Do you have any DON'Ts or DO's to share?

Please add them in the comments section below and save all of us from yet another fitness flub!



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