Be Lazy and Work Out at the Same Time with My Couch Potato Booty Blast!


This is my 1st ever instructional fitness video and I'm dying for you to watch it!

It's a great booty-firming workout that you can easily do without ever leaving your couch! So even on lazy days you can still get a workout in. What are you waiting for? Grab a sofa and let the booty blasting fun begin!



Of course, I couldn't take the task completely seriously because I had to make sure you'd laugh and have some fun! I'd maybe refrain from watching The Notebook if I were you because the only crying I want to hear should be coming from your tush!


Snag the Couch Potato Gear Goodies used in my video

These gear goodies are versatile for a gazillion other workouts. So aside from being inexpensive, they're a good investment and take up zero space!


And now for some random, behind-the-scenes facts!

**My intern Emily and I actually spent 2 hours making the Cheering Section poster board. I recommend you do something similar. It doesn't have to be a collage of sexy men but whatever drives you or reminds you to workout. It may seem silly but it's a feel-good way to stimulate your brain and motivate.

**Taping all the men down was the hardest part...which Emily really seemed to enjoy as her phone kept blowing up with texts from what seemed to be potential suitors. The things I make my intern do! She doesn't really complain much...except on camera!

**Did you like my outfit? It's a dash of crazy, just the way I like to dress. Thank God for Lorna Jane. They keep knocking my socks off with their sports bras and print capris. I love the fit and especially love the shape, molding and feel of their padded bra inserts.

**My shoes are by Asics: Gel-Lytte33. I keep them very clean because I love them that so wrong?

**Emily likes to fetch coffee in GymGirl Apparel.

**I have a fab production team including director Syuji Honda from Pure Soul Productions and Sarah Wood from MakeupByWoody.

**If you liked my Couch Potato Booty Blast, I'd love for you to check out MORE OF MY VIDEOS on my StyleMeFit channel.

**StyleMeFit is a network I'm a part of on YouTube featuring all kinds of great fitness & wellness content. You really must check it out, especially for the FREE workouts and giveaways!


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