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I've got MAD LOVE for Spiritual Gangster. Wanna know why?

Because their clever burnout tops and Magic Carpet yoga towel give me that extra edge in yoga class. I've yet to master a perfect hand stand but at least I'm styling when I topple over and kick my neighbor in the head. If you've earned your yoga stripes, then it's time for you to wear them Gangster-style.

What does it take to be a Spiritual Gangster?

  • Dedication and hard work (on the mat)
  • The ability to look inward, outward and then quiet your mind
  • An appreciation for comfort and effortless style

A Spiritual Gangster (as defined by me) is someone who's urban and into the whole mind-body thing but doesn't take themself too seriously. You've got a cool yogi vibe but haven't traded in your candles for patchouli incense.

Why is Spiritual Gangster-ism so awesome? Here's my run down.

Spiritual Gangster is a new, refreshing line of yoga apparel and gear. It's versatile and you don't need to be gym-bound to rock it. Whether you're on or off the yoga mat, you're making a statement. Check out their STUFF.

I'm totally obsessed with the company's name. They could put Spiritual Gangster on a potato sack and I would wear it with my stripper heels to pole dancing class.

I'm picky when it comes to burnout tees because they can be uncomfortable to break a sweat in, but SG's burnouts are my fav for yoga practice. They're incredibly soft and light, so much that you'll feel shirtless...yes, really. They come in a nice color range (check the Pure Yoga NYC shop for best colors). I love the Magic Carpet Yoga Towel which doubles as a towel and yoga mat (but maybe not at the same time). I once swore I'd never use another brand after owning a Yogitoes Skidless Towel but I've since retracted that statement. I still love my Yogitoes but the Magic Carpet is pretty dope. It's anti-bacterial and doesn't slip on outdoor surfaces which makes it ideal for practicing yoga outside. It's not as secure as Yogitoes on slicker indoor surfaces, but it's much better at absorbing sweat.

Lastly, I love that SG makes Spiritual Gangster tees for MEN.

Obviously you want free stuff. Here's what I'm giving away...

Spiritual Gangster logo long sleeve tee in size MED with gold logo

FYI, this top is hard to come by--it's sold out on Spiritual Gangster's website. It comfortably fits small and medium-sized bodies. I wear my SG tops with athletic tights and leggings.

This is what you need to do if you want to win the SG logo top:

  1. Add mizzFIT Flair to your personal website or facebook page
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post with your website's info (where you've added mizzFIT Flair)
  3. Wait 1 week to see if you've won. I'll randomly (with eyes closed) pick a winner from a hat on Monday, May 24th.


To FTC peeps: Spiritual Gangster sent mizzFIT cool stuff to give away to readers since mizzFIT is a big fan of the company, however mizzFIT LLC is not financially affiliated with Spiritual Gangster and does NOT make a commission on sales from this review.




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