Best Way To Wash Swimwear? Let's Ask The Laundress!

I just got back from a 2-week vacation to Kauaí where I had the adventure of my life! I hiked to secret beaches, jumped into the ocean off rocky cliffs, slid down mud trails, went stand up paddle boarding and pretty much lived in a bikini the entire time.

My bikinis got sweaty, salty, muddy and very sandy. I rinsed them out with cold water at the end of each day, but when I returned back home to NYC I realized how bad they smelled. I made sense, I was literally hanging out in the jungle and ocean 24/7. I think a starfish even peed on me!

So I'm posing a question to The Laundress, a glamorous detergent company I've been using for the past year. The Laundress was actually in my last #MIZ10 Quarterly Box and I trust them completely because they make the best eco-friendly laundry and fabric care. Here's my Ask The Laundress question...


I'm desperate to cleanse my stinky bikinis that reek of the outdoors and revive them for summer. They're my favorite bikinis and I'd hate to accidentally ruin, fade or stretch them out by washing them the wrong way. How on earth should I tackle this? For instance,

  • what detergent should I use?
  • should I hand wash or machine wash them?
  • what can I do to deodorize my swimwear while traveling before a wash?
  • and what will remove sweat stains off? HELP!


I know The Laundress will help me get to the bottom of this because it's a problem a lot of women have. We don't know how to wash our swimwear so we procrastinate doing it...until it's a lost cause. Right now my Kauaí bikinis are stuffed in a mesh washing bag until The Laundress tells me what to do.

I love wearing my stylish, designer bikinis when I go on tropical adventures (even if I expect to get dirty) because this is how I get sun. I'm not one for laying around the pool or on a beach chair. I like to move and discover new things. But this has taken a toll on my bikinis and I need a solution STAT!

I already use The Laundress' Sport Detergent on all my high performance fitness clothes and athleisure because I love its clean-smelling fragrance and that it's designed for fabrics like nylon, and spandex. Even though i put my activewear through the toughest of  workouts, I find it’s often the most delicate to wash. I've developed a ritual that works—of washing and mostly hang drying--and now I want to do the same for my swimwear. So let's see what the The Laundress comes back with...

Check out Ask The Laundress if you have a similar laundry quandary. They'll be answering my question and many others. Up until June 2nd, you can get 25% off any of their laundry care kits. I'm biased towards the Sport Kit but you can also build your own with 4 or more products and score a 25% discount.

Make sure to follow me and The Laundress on Instagram so you can find out the solution to my sweaty swimwear dilemma.


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