Boyfriend Tested Fitness Gear to Help You Shop for Your Sporty Man


I write about women's fitness & fashion. But guys need love too AND our help getting dressed...lots of it! Men's fitness fashion is often overlooked which allows them to get away with unspeakable outfits. That's why they need us to shop for them among many other things. If we look good in our workout clothes, so should they. Check out the men's fitness fashion below and use it as a guide to help you shop for your man. Rest assured, every item has been tested out by my latest squeeze, a man who now loves to accessorize for fitness. Who knew? Well, actually, I always knew it was possible. It just takes a special man and very special fitness gear!


HERE'S WHAT MY MAN LOVES (and yes that's him dunking):

Ecco golf street shoes


* The Sweat GUTR *

sweat gutr band

Fact: guys sweat a lot. I gave the Sweat GUTR--an elastic rubbery headband that blocks and channels sweat away from the eyes--to my guy for his runs and summer soccer games. I convinced him to wear it (it's a bit off-putting when you first see it because it resembles a rubber band) by showing him pics of Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong wearing it, which worked like a charm. Here's what he had to say after using it:

"In the sun, the Sweat GUTR was my new best friend and protector from sweat. I was amazed how securely and comfortably the band fit around my head thanks to its double velcro clasp design. A mile into my run on a hot day, there was no worrying about stingy eyes because my sweat was funneled away. I don't wear contacts but I'm sure it would be great for guys who wear them."

I also gave a Sweat GUTR to my dad who's an avid cyclist. He said that his helmet fit more securely while wearing it and liked that it didn't get saturated with sweat like most fabric or terry headbands.


* 2XU Performance Apparel *

2xu men's performance apparel

I'm a big fan of 2XU apparel so naturally I want my guy to experience how amazing it is. I gave him 2XU's Short Sleeve Compression Top, Compression Tights, and Cycle Jersey. This is what he reported back to me:

"2XU compression gear is the highest quality workout and competition clothing I've ever worn. The material keeps my body temperature lower by discarding sweat more efficiently than any competing brand that I've tried in over 2 decades of being active. I wore the compression top in extreme heat playing soccer and I've never felt better. Their claims about muscle support and circulation are true because I did not feel sore after my game, not to mention my shirt dried super fast. Same goes for the compression tights but make sure to wear shorts over them because they're really tight! Lastly, the designs look great and you can't help but feel like a pro athlete wearing them."


* The Loop Attachment *

loop attachment watch

The Loop is a watchband for your Nano that feels and looks like one of those "skin" accessories for Apple products. It secures and turns your Nano into a watch, making it handy at all times. The watchband lends itself to the male wrist because it's wide and kind of masculine. I gave it to my guy because I thought it would be a cool way for him to remember to take his Nano to the gym and, of course, know what time it is throughout the day. He also found other uses for it:

"I love Apple products, but have avoided accessories with the same reverence that a priest denies the you know whaaat. But in all seriousness, The Loop is fashionable and more functional than I anticipated. I even used it via a/v cable while driving - like having an iPod right on the wheel!"

The Loop is definitely a casual look and the band comes in many shades to suit your color palette.


* The Ecco Golf Street Shoe *

Ecco Golf Street Shoe

If your dude likes to golf but hates the fit and style of his current golf shoes, GET HIM THESE! I mean just look at them! Do you need to know anything more? If you really must, basically the deal is that they fit/feel/look like a sneaker but they're made with premium leather for the golf greens. Look at the traction on the outsole...they're guaranteed to grip the ground and pull some grass out while they're at it. Your man can actually wear them like a sneaker because the bottom traction bars are extremely wear resistant. But mostly I love the Golf Street Shoe because they strike a balance between casual chic and country club luxury. Ecco makes them in various styles starting at $150, but the one you see above is the only color available now until the others come out this November. The black leather with orange accents happens to be my favorite style. I have yet to buy these for my guy, but here's what he said when I showed them to him:

"I wish I played golf."

Samuel Jackson is a celebrity fan of the Golf Street as is Oscar De La Hoya. Look for Ecco's Golf Street at these retailers: Nordstroms, Dillard’s, Golfsmith, PGA Tour Superstore, Golf Galaxy, and Golf Town.


* Tortoise & Blonde Sunglasses *

Tortoise & Blonde Sunglasses

During Swim Fashion Week in Miami I met the founders of Tortoise & Blonde and fell in love with their hip and affordable eyewear collection. I'm always on the lookout for cool "transitional" sunglasses that are made for casual day-wear but can also be worn for outdoor fitness. I'm not a huge fan of most sunglass labels made specifically for sport. Tortoise & Blonde stood out to me because their sunglasses start at $97 and come in 3 different types of anti-reflective coating. Their goal is to offer you the most hassle-free online shopping experience possible. Since I go paddle boarding with my guy, I got him the shades above to match our trendy workout. He seems to really like them but here's the response I forced out of him:

"I've really enjoyed wearing my T&B sunglasses for everyday use. The Lafayette style has a classic look with a few trendy color options like a black that reflects blue in the light. The snug fit and lightweight frame makes it easy to do low-intensity water sports and outdoor workouts. Gotta look cool for paddle boarding according to MizzFIT!"

Want a pair for yourself? Just use the discount code MIAMI for 10% off your purchase through Dec 31, 2011.


* Takeya Glass Water Bottles *

takeya water bottles

I'm obsessed with these water bottles because they're little works of art! They're the only water bottles I've seen that are eco-friendly, modern, non-metal and MASCULINE. My guy is stylish so a wimpy or girly bottle just won't do. This one jumped out at me when I was scouring the Idea Fit Expo in LA. I just wish I had bought one for myself in hot pink! This is by far my favorite gift for fitness guys that's under $20. Fitness brands can even put their logo on the bottle--the part that's revealed in the window of the rubber casing. Here's what my signficant other thinks:

"The Takeya glass water bottle provides for a smoother, non-metallic drinking experience compared to other canteens. The rubber slipcovers are extremely functional and the designs are stylish for keeping on your office desk or carrying at the gym. I probably won't accidentally throw it away."



...just make sure you tell him that he looks hot wearing/carrying it. Men need to hear this as much as we do, if not more. And whatever sexually annoying things he does to you--like grab your butt in public or who knows what else--do it back to him. Treat him like a big hunk of meat, using him for his body not his brain and then forget to call him the next day (if you live with him, maybe forget to make his lunch). It's weird but this kind of behavior works on them. Anyway, have fun shopping and don't forget to take HIS credit card when you go! Of course, I'm kind of kidding.



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