Bridge, Sweat and Tears: The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD Is Transformational


Have you ever finished a workout dvd and noticed that you didn't break a sweat?

It happens to me all the time. And sometimes it's not because the workout sucks. It's because it lacks energy and quick transitions from one exercise to another. of these factors stimulate your workout. That's why I'm stuck on (ok...obsessed) with Ariane Hundt's Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD. I've never had a better workout in my living room. If you're looking for a change--a physical one--you really need to try it.


Meet Ariane

That's her in the photo below with the infectious smile. I feel that I have to introduce her first before I tell you more about her killer DVD. Why? Because Ariane is sooooo different than every other trainer I've met. She's not glam, doesn't have a boob job and isn't trying to be famous. She is the real deal Holeyfiled--a personal trainer with a masters in nutrition who won't waste your time with short cuts (the dvd is proof). And she's on a mission to change your body...not to sell you on a pricey program or make you feel like you're part of an elite club. She hates that kind of BS. Ariane believes fitness should be accessible and whether you're poor, rich, skinny or fat, that you should work out together because being the same is lame.

Ariane Hundt bridge boot camp dvd

Her secret weapon is New York's Brooklyn Bridge. God, I love creative people! She's been teaching what's been called "NYC's toughest workout" on the bridge for some time now. But what I find amazing is that recreated her daily outdoor boot camp classes on the Brooklyn Bridge in dvd form. You'd think that would be impossible. How do you put a bridge in someone's living room? See below...


It's the most effective and engaging dvd workout I've ever tried.

The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp dvd actually works because it makes you work your ass off. Literally--just wave goodbye to it because it's going to run away crying. Kidding aside, working your ass CAN be fun. Stop acting like you don't believe me! What if I were to tell you that this DVD wasn't shot in a conventional filming studio? Or that it has an amazing urban editorial feel to it, with beautiful shots of the bridge and its pedestrian pathway. What if there were "real" people (not models) doing the workout with you? What if it felt like you weren't in your living room but rather part of Ariane's scenic, outdoor class? Because that's exactly what it is.

For me, it was more than refreshing to press play and within seconds begin a workout that energized me and immediately made me sweat. It was actually quite shocking. The strength training intervals mixed with cardio (jumping jacks, sumo squat jumps, running in place) are so well timed. The way Ariane designed the dvd is that you make your way across the bridge hitting different strength training stations and then work your abs before running back across the bridge to the finish. And trust me, it really feels like you're on that bridge with her the entire time.


More reasons why I can't get enough of it and will be doing this workout 1/week:

  • You don't need any equipment because the dvd comes with everything you need (2 sets of resistance bands)
  • Ariane gets you moving without screaming and not only is she a professional, but she sounds like one. There's no cheezy chatter or over smiling.
  • You can do the workout barefoot, which is how I did it. It's a great way to make this workout harder...if that's even possible.
  • It feels more like a music video than a dorky workout dvd. Who doesn't love music videos?
  • It's high intensity, high calorie burning and you will be sore the next day. Did I mention 800 calories/workout?
  • There's a split screen that lets you check out exercise form while feeling the energy of shots of your workout companions running along the bridge
  • It will change your body in 5 sessions. Seriously.


I'm over stuff that's not real.

You have to work for the body you want. And you can get it with this DVD. There's no sugar coating or huge marketing campaign behind it. It's just a tough workout that's fun to follow. You might be out of breath the first few times you do it...but isn't that what happens when you push yourself? That's a good thing. It means you're getting your money's worth. I must say, as a New Yorker, even the real NYC grittiness captured in the dvd warms my heart.If you're like me and value lower body firmness, you're going to love this workout. It's like hitting your bottom with the TRUTH. I spend a lot of time blogging about fitness (sitting on my ass, because that's how I type) and the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD is making up for it (i.e. fixing the damage).

Who wants a workout dvd that does nothing? Dumb question. But just so that you know, Ariane made this dvd extra hard so that your ultimate goal will be to complete the entire workout without taking any breaks. I have yet to do this. In fact, I'm the girl screaming "F*ckin' A!" within the first 5 minutes. But that's how I knew I was in love at first workout.


To fall in love with Ariane Hundt's Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Workout go to:

And just in case you want to see Ariane and me on German TV talking about how she transformed my derriere, watch the video below! My part comes on at the 1.:25 mark. And yes, those are cheetah print hot pants. You, too, can own a pair in the animal print of your choice once your booty has completed 5 Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp dvd sessions!



Photo credit: Ariane Hundt on B.Bridge by Katharina Fink (Spiegel Online)




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