BUTI & The Babe: A Sexy Workout Story



BUTI is a high-intensity workout that mixes yoga, plyometrics, conditioning and dance into a tasty Kool-Aid that you'll want to drink to reach new physique highs. It's turning average bodies into hard bodies and making MILF's out of new moms. What's not to love, right? But that's not all. The story isn't complete without the belle of the workout: Miss Bizzie.



Bizzie Gold is the smart cookie behind BUTI (pictured below). As a former fitness competitor entering motherhood, she wanted to keep up with her personal fitness routine but found that she didn't have as much time to put into it with all the preparations for her baby. She was teaching traditional Hatha Yoga classes and began experimenting by adding various styles of dance, plyometrics, and conditioning to her classes. In her mind, it was saving time by putting everything she wanted to do into 1 workout. BOOM! The results--sleek, toned muscles--were amazing! She knew she was on to something. It was then that her vision for BUTI took off.

buti workout pose floor leg mizzfit



Bizzie is turning her little fitness experiment into something bigger than just a class or a workout. It's a movement because it completely changes the way you work out, powering you with an ultra-sexy energy, and giving you more time to live your life instead of spending it at the gym. Bizzie calls it "the perfect workout" because afterwards it feels like you did 2 workouts in 1. She compares it to hitting both the gym and a yoga class. The main difference is that you must ditch the weights and commit to moving the "equipment" that God gave ya. And apparently that means lots of hip shaking, gyrating, bumpin' and grindin'... See for yourself below!

It doesn't matter how many babies you've had, according to Bizzie you can bounce back with BUTI and even achieve a better body than you had pre-pregnancy. Personally, I like the idea of making strangers think your kids are adopted because so many people assume that after you have kids your body can never be the same. BUTI is the way to prove them wrong, and better yet, to go about your life loving the skin you're in.



There's 1 critical rule that you must follow to join the BUTI community. You absolutely cannot hate on Gangster Rap. It's part of BUTI culture and that's that. Bizzie acknowledges the music and dance styles she uses in BUTI tend to have a bad reputation (veering on overtly sexual and aggressive) but she doesn't give a (bleep) because in her words "they are so much fun". She also says, "I get plenty of criticism...but that’s what kind of music makes me want to shake my hips.” Beyond Gangster Rap, BUTI playlists also include tracks from the genres of Electronica, Dubstep, Brazilian Funk Carioca, Reggaeton, Dub Reggae, House, and Soul. Ultimately, Bizzie just wants BUTI students to drop their egos and self-consciousness. That's how to make it a serious workout that's both mentally and physically liberating.



BUTI classes are available on the Big Island of Hawaii (where Bizzie first began "experimenting") and in Southern California. Classes in West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Laguna Beach are set to start in November 2011. All the details are available on the BUTI Fitness Website. If you take a class, please come back here to MizzFIT.com and leave a comment about your experience. Or if you're a Hawaiian fan, let us know how it's changed you!



BUTI teacher training is set to launch in Los Angeles in December 2011 at the 3rd Street Dance Center in West Hollywood. From there, BUTI teacher training will be weaving it's way across the country. If you're a fitness instructor living in Denver, San Francisco or New York, be on the lookout because BUTI is headed your way in 2012. For more information or to register for BUTI's upcoming teacher training sessions, JUST CLICK HERE.




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