Check Out My New And Very Legit Gym!


Guess who's gonna be a tan little climber??? THIS GIRL!!!

A rock climbing wall and a beautiful sundeck is NOT what you call slumming it when you head to the gym. It's been around for ages (okay, maybe not that long) and it's not like it's a secret, but I've finally joined The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers.

If you're looking to join one of the most expansive and sunlit gyms in Manhattan, this is the place. To be quite honest, it's really more of a health club. But it sounds so boring to call it that when it doesn't quite feel like that. I mean, do Usher and Justin Bieber casually drop in to work out and play basketball at a "health club"? Nooooooo. The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers is way trendier than your typical health club but you can still get a mani-pedi at the Spa, take swim lessons in a lane and chill in a jacuzzi. The cherry on top is that you can subject yourself to triathlon training from the best of the best (Full Throttle Team Champions). Just ask for Coach Andrew Kalley (he's handsome) but please don't hit on him because he's my friend's fiance and I'm not that seasoned of a swimmer yet to take you down in the pool. Meaning we'd both drown.

Here's what else I'm not complaining about:

The sushi bar...where I'll be dining a few nights a week with my handsome Jim (bag).

And amazing vinyasa yoga classes from these guys:

So if you decide to join, please say Bianca Jade of MizzFIT convinced you to do so and who knows, maybe I'll get a coffee and a banana on the house. Don't be shy...wave at me if you see me there. Just don't bother me when I'm riding THIS THING because I might scratch your eyes out it's so freaking hard.




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