Don't Waste Time Changing Clothes. How To Go From Lunge 2 Lunch.


About 2 weeks ago was invited by Great Day Saint Louis (a morning news show in my hometown) to talk about transitional fitness fashion trends for Fall. Whenever I visit Saint Louis, Missouri, it's so refreshing to see that women there are really into fitness. You know what they say about the Midwest, right? Obesity, fried foods, and all of that. Well, don't buy into the stereotypes all the time. Fitness studios and sportswear style are percolating in STL, and judging by women like my trainer Kimberly Johnson (pictured below), they'll continue to expand.


bianca jade great day saint louis tv


Kimberly was my model for the Great Day Saint Louis segment because she really defines today's modern woman. She has 2 kids, she's constantly on the go, and between work and family obligations she has little time for wardrobe changes. I mean, who does these days? I realize you may wear a suit to work or some kind of formal office attire that requires you to change before hitting the gym. But what about on weekends? Or when you leave the gym after a workout? Save time by dressing in fitness apparel that's more transitional--something you're proud to be spotted wearing. I'm talking about sportswear that's sleek, comfortable and stays dry so that you can easily go from lunges to lunch.




Nux USA makes beautiful seamless body-wear and cover-ups for a stylish, layered street-wear look after the gym. The Refresh Poncho ($40) that Kimberly is wearing in the video above is a perfect example because it dresses up leggings and a tank. Kim's Nike Lunarglide+ 3 Shield shoes ($110) are great for running outdoors because they're built with reflectors and enhanced water proofing. But when it comes to her favorite scene-y lunch spot their fashionable gray color makes them easier to get away with and it also hides any sign of dirt.

IMPORTANT TIP: The best way to create a transitional look is to invest in activewear that is built to reflect everyday fashion-wear trends. I like to look at fabric construction, embellishments and fit.

Here are a few trends that will help you shop for some great Fall/Winter pieces:

  • Snakeskin prints
  • Drape-y cover ups ("the new hoodie")
  • Motorcycle biker chic inspired leggings & accessories (with zippers and faux leather)
  • Jewel tone colors like sapphire and ruby reds mixed with shades of gray

See how I've mixed some of these trends in the fit look below. The gym bag shown is the Stella McCartney for adidas "Fun Bag" ($40).


yoga pilates fit look lululemon


Stella McCartney for adidas also has these great Snakeskin Print Ballerina Shoes ($90) (sold in-store) which are beyond comfortable and so easy to slip on and off before yoga or pilates. I've been wearing them everywhere and they're easy to throw in your gym bag because they're light as a feather. Toesox makes these great grippy socks which you can wear during pilates/yoga (for those of you who don't like to go barefoot) and you don't have to take them off after class. Just throw your sneakers back on and you're off.


yoga pilates footwear toesox adidas


I'm always talking about BodyRock Sport because their collections are consistently delicious and eye-catching. Like this Moto Jacket ($125) below! It's the jacket I'm wearing in the Great Day Saint Louis segment and I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it. Don't be scared to push the envelope with pieces that have funky embellishments like shoulder chains. Workout clothes is usually pretty understated; a dressy item will step up your look (and people won't be able to guess that you were just at the gym).


moto jacket bodyrock sport


I like to pair the Mot Jacket with a colorful capri or legging but if you want to stick to dark bottoms (which are usually more flattering), I recommend Splits59's Nova Capri Tight with Sports Lame' ($98) (shown above). The vertical lame panels give your legs a longer, leaner look. Plus, it looks like leather which I love! Both the jacket and capri bottom are made with spandex for stretch and moisture even if you did get a little sweaty at the gym, you won't look like it. And with this outfit on, you certainly won't get kicked out of your favorite lunch spot.


stella mccatney for adidas shoes


Last but not least, these Menziessi Runner Shoes ($150) by Stella McCartney for adidas leave me speechless. The snakeskin silicon print on the outside is trendy but subtle, and the shoe itself is more of a warm-up shoe than a bulky sneaker. Black sneakers always look dressier and the slimmer the shoe, the less attention they call to your feet or to the fact that you were just at the gym. I think I've proven my point, ladies. All it takes are a few transitional items to make getting to the gym (and getting out of the gym) less of a hassle. The more you love your activewear, the easier it will be to pencil in that workout. I promise!




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