Escaping to Nevis Island? Here Are Your Travel Tips and Covid-19 Protocols.

Bianca Jade standing in a swimsuit on a beautiful grassy hill in Nevis while a gust of wind blows her swimsuit coverup back behind her.

In 2020, the island of Nevis announced that I was one of their six chosen Digital Ambassadors. I couldn't have been more pleased and honored to assume this role (still am!) as the isle of Nevis is one of my favorite places on the planet. I've traveled to Nevis several times and will continue to as I think of this charming island as a 2nd home. So if you're reading this and on the brink of making your own getaway plans to Nevis, DO IT! Or, if you're poking around as part of a search hoping to learn more, please continue reading for some wonderful highlights that truly define what the Nevis experience is all about.

As a travel writer and travel influencer, I've visited some of the most exotic destinations in the world. None compare to Nevis on account of it's small size, abundance of free roaming animal life, vibrant green landscape and, of course, its history marked by abandoned sugar mills that have now become one with the land. It's a calming environment populated by people of faith, of music, of horticulture, of adventure, of food and of very colorful culture. This is where the annual Mango Festival happens, where movies are filmed (a feature film is currently in production), where Alexander Hamilton was born and famously influenced, and where faraway travelers come to lose themselves in the pure beauty of the natural terrain. I'm one of those travelers who appreciates nature and quiet discoveries, like a bright and spongey caterpillar.

And I climbed this peak! Hopefully it'll be one of the highlights of your trip too. A lot of people get nervous when it comes to climbing, but I highly recommend the vertical hike to the top of Nevis Peak. It's a total of a 3 hour hike and the views are surreal. Start early so you can head to lunch afterwards at Cleveland Gardens where the juices, smoothies and delicious dishes are all made fresh. Most of the fruit is picked righ from the surrounding gardens on the property, and each has a medicinal property that the owner will educate you about. My mouth still waters when thinking about the lunch I had here. If you want to see pictures, CLICK HERE.

This video made by the Nevis Travel Authority provides a compilation of views and events you'll surely experience in your own way when visiting the island. My favorite part is arriving to the island off the short boat ride from St. Kitts. It's the beginning of your trip and it really sets the mood of your vacation as you feel the ocean breeze in your hair, sip on a Ting and imagine yourself soon relaxed and settled at your resort. It's literally the best feeling!

As much as I'd like to say you have free reign to do whatever you want in Nevis once you arrive, there are travel protocols you must adhere to in order to ensure everyone's safety--yours and the Nevisians. At the moment, there are 4 resorts open for booking: 

  1. The Four Seasons
  2. Montpelier
  3. Golden Rock Inn
  4. Paradise Beach


The next few photographs were captured during my stay at Montpelier, a boutique-style resort that sits atop a sprawling plantation overlooking Nevis Peak on one side and the ocean on the other. The pool, pool bar, restaurant and staff are all fantastic. I had zero complaints, and received daily compliments by the owner named Muffin on all my bikinis. You become very friendly with everyone very quickly, especially if you allow the bartender to make you his/her favorite concoctions. 

Golden Rock Inn is a mix of gardens, art sculptures and sugar mill converted rooms. It's one of the most unique resorts I've set food on. I loved walking through this eclectic resort, and it's located close some of the best beaches on the island. The pool at Golden Rock Inn, as you can see, has a funky LA-type vibe. Make sure to come here at least for lunch if you don't end up staying here.

The main protocols for traveling to Nevis are:

  • Covid-19 testing before your flight to St.Kitts/Nevis
  • Filling out forms online (this one to be exact --> Travel Authorization Form) prior to your arrival with your negative results and other information.
  • You must have your negative RT-PCR test and booked accommodation to complete the Travel Authorization Form required for entry. Once the form is completed and submitted, with a valid email address, it'll be reviewed, and you'll receive an approval letter to enter St.Kitts/Nevis.
  • Possible health screening or testing upon arrival at immigration 
  • A seven-day quarantine at your resort (you can go anywhere on the resort, you just can't leave the resort) at which time you may be Covid-19 tested again in order to participate in approved activities off the resort.
  • A 14-day Covid-19 testing. Upon testing negative, you're allowed full access to the island.
  • All testing comes at traveler's expense



It contains clear instructions and a traveler checklist in preparation for your arrival to Nevis.



At first it all sounded pretty complicated to me, but if you break it down and are prepared for the testing dates, it's not so bad. The most important part of planning your trip is to give serious thought to how long you'd like to stay in Nevis. If you can stay 14-days or longer, you'll really experience everything Nevis has to offer. Especially off-roading through the jungle and around the island with Funky Monkey Tours. There's so much to see and the small dirt roads are my favorite paths.


Don't miss out on Nevis. If anything, the pandemic offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the island for more time than you'd normally be able to. This is your chance to really unplug. Many islands in the Caribbean have their own set of travel restrictions and protocols but expect them to be somewhat similar as far as the need for weekly testing. Please download the Welcome to Nevis Infographic for International Travelers and feel free to leave your questions/comments below. Also, you can reach out to the Nevis Tourism Authority here for more information. 




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