Fila announces cASSting call in NYC. Plus my 2 cents on body comedy & self esteem.


Fila thinks real women have real asses. Yes, we most certainly do! This cASSting call is definitely going to be interesting. But is it degrading? Or is it all in good fun? I ask because lately I've seen some viral videos that are hysterical but make me wonder whether poking fun at our bodies is a good way to promote health and wellness to young women.

I totally understand the humor in a movement like BOOBQUAKE (CNN video here) but I'm not so sure it will positively affect teenage girls. Remember, we haven't always been as comfortable in our skin as we are now...and let's face it, this relationship will never be perfect. I'm not one for censorship at all, but I want young girls to grow up with high self-esteem derived from respecting their inner and outer physiques. I'm not saying Fila is doing anything wrong. In fact, I'm intrigued by their "real women" casting call and may check it out. I just hope that real womens' bodies will be taken as seriously as real models' bodies. I hope the term "real" isn't portrayed as imperfect, unfit or unlovable.

John Pinette cracks me up in the vid below but I truly believe he's capable of more "ups" than he gives himself credit for. It's great to laugh at yourself as long as you're proud of how far you've come.

Do you think "body comedy" media is healthy? Does it empower or discourage you? Or does it make you complacent?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts since this subject has been on my mind a lot lately.



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