Fit 'n Fancy Holiday Gifts + GIVEAWAY!

Are you last minute holiday shopping? Here's my go-to gift list if you're looking to win the best gifter award. The first 6 are larger presents that require wrapping, the last 6 are stocking stuffers that pack a big bite for being so small. I'm giving away 3 of the stocking stuffers so make sure to enter the GIVEAWAY at the end.

Harley Pasternak's Power Blender + 5 Pounds Book - A gift for him or her (blender $250 / book $19)

Harley Pasternak is Hollywood's exercises & nutrition guru who has become a huge celebrity himself. His blender and latest book came out of his own need to slim down for TV and press appearances. The blender and book duo make a nice gift for someone on a mission to lose weight in the healthiest way in 2015. What I love about this blender is that it's pretty close to a Vitamix for half the price. It blends, crushes, emulsifies, chops, purées, liquifies whole fruits and veggies, ice, frozen fruit & nuts. It also prepares hot foods, including soups and sauces, in minutes.

I've met and worked out with Harley. He's trained every celebrity you've ever wanted to look like and when he talks, you listen. He actually told me I had really bad posture and need to pull my shoulders back to correct it, and showed me a few ways to do it while still looking somewhat relaxed. Problem make me skinny! That's where this gift comes into play :)

Harley wrote 5 Pounds because that's the amount of weight most people say they want to lose but then never can. Once you shed the 5 pounds using Harley's tips, strategy and cooking recipes (especially for smoothies) you're well on your way to losing more. Weightloss books can lose their luster once you finish reading them but combined with Harley's blender, you're giving the gift of motivation to make serious change happen!

SYNC Sport Bluetooth Headphones by 50 Cent - A gift for him or her ($210)

I know I'm more girlie than 50 Cent's demographic of fans but that has nothing to do with it because these headphones are gravy! They feel incredible against your ears (bc of memory foam cushions) with a fit that's feather light on your head. As you can see they come in a futuristic egg case which they easily fold into and click out of. They go beyond the typical headphone because they're customized for sport while giving you studio mastered sound. I'm not sure anyone else has ever done this with headphones before! This is a total GAME CHANGER for my workouts because my ears profusely sweat so it's very hard for me to find in-ear buds that hold up and stay in.


The control panel on the right ear is easy to use and you can switch to a phone call with a click using the built-in mic. If you must, SYNC comes with earpad covers to keep the ear pads sweat and odor-free. I own these in blue which I color-approve along with the yellow for dudes. If your man loves Carmelo Anthony, another reason to get these because he wears them on top of being an investor partner. The pink color is extra cute for women (kinda wish I had those instead). Turn on SYNC's bluetooth mode to listen to music wirelessly.

IronStrong 3D Kettlebell Necklace in Brass/Gold - A gift for her ($65)

Need a gift for a lovely lady who likes to kick it in the gym? This fitness necklace is the most beautiful one I've seen to help someone show their workout pride. I was gifted this necklace by Tina Tang, designer of Ironstrong, and I was blown away when I received it because it doesn't look or feel like inexpensive gym jewelry. It's a piece you want to wear out and show off. The gold finish matches all my other jewelry and I've been complimented on it extensively. I really love the brass curve ball chain too. Tina Tang can have this piece shipped out in time for Christmas so place your order ASAP!

The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg - A gift for her ($20)

Diane released her self-penned memoir earlier this Fall and let's just say it's deep, introspective and enlightening. Every ambitious hard working woman admires DVF and all that she's accomplished. She's a renaissance woman and her views on beauty, especially aging and plastic surgery really make you think twice about keeping up with the Kardashians. I recommend this gift for any style savvy woman 30 years old and up. I'm getting it for my mother who's always loved Diane. Make it extra special by throwing in a DVF gift card or accessory.

Athleta Workout Gleam Tights - A gift for her ($74)

I can't get over these. They're simply AMAZING! I nearly died when I saw them on a mannequin at the Athleta store on Black Friday. So I tested them out and the verdict is that whoever you give these to will FREAK OUT and think you know their style soooo well. Here's why: there's no woman who's not loving the faux leather legging look this winter. Athleta basically made a workout legging (for yoga, running, and anything else) that copies the popular faux legging style every woman is drooling over this season. The nice thing about the Gleam Tight is that it goes beyond the gym for a chic streetwear look too. I wear mine with these thigh-high boots and loose long-sleeve tops. You cannot go wrong with the Gleam Tight but make sure if you're unsure of her size to buy smaller because I can guarantee you she'll like the snugger fit better.

Fashion Design Maker Barbie Kit - A gift for "little" her ($30 - $50)

Get the Black Barbie here and White Barbie here. But if you want the Latina or ethnically ambigious Fashion Design Maker Barbie, you're S.O.L. Other than this complaint of mine (granted I'm not really their target market), I REALLY LOVE this toy for stylish little girls. I already have 2 wrapped up for my best friend's daughers. The way it works is you create digital fashion online with a computer or ipad/tablet, print your designs to fabric (included in the kit) with a home printer, and then stick the printed designs to Barbie whose slip-wearing physique surface lends itself to all kinds of creations.

The Fashion Design Maker Barbie stimulates the minds of creative girls. It's less about Ken and more about little girls building their fashion portfolio. I recently attended Style Coalition's Holiday Soire with Barbie so that I could check out the experience for myself. The outfits you can make are outrageous! You can even use pics from your digital albums to create personalized pieces.

While the littles ones are busy designing, I'll be taking posing cues from posture-perfect Barbie.

And now for the Stocking Stuffers that go above and beyond the average stocking stuffer! Here are my favorites...

  • My Barre Fitness Grippy Socks with Pointe Studio ($20) . Yup, I'm shamelessly promoting them but they honestly do make the best stocking stuffer for a barre or pilates lover with a design that can't be beat. THIS STUFFER IS PART OF MY GIVEAWAY!

  • NudeBarre's Crystallized Fishnets Tights ($95) for New Year's Eve. These obviously aren't made for fitness but they're made by a fitness pro and friend of mine named Erin Carpenter. She specializes in hosiery for all skin colors and Wendy Williams has made her brand famous. Love these for bringing attention to your hard earned calves and thighs as you ring in the New Year.

  • Bootights ($30 and up) are an amazing invention because they're a nylon-lycra tight with a sock bottom for women who wear boot styles throughout winner. Otherwise we're doubling up with a lightweight sock over our tights to stay warm and maintain comfort while trekking around town in our favorite boots. They come in prints and all kinds of textures too.

  • Tatcha's Dewy Skin Mist ($48) I reviewed it HERE on and absolutely love it. The romantic fragrance blows me away every time I use it. It's a luxurious treat for any woman's skincare cabinet. If you're a blogger or just overall special, message me for a 20% off discount code! THIS STUFFER IS PART OF MY GIVEAWAY!

  • Fitbook Lite by Fitlosophy ($17) is Fitbook's newest 6-weeks to a new you journal. I've been covering Fitbook journals for years because they're an organized way to keep track of your goals and progress. They say people who write things down get things done. If you know someone who's turned a new leaf in terms of their health, add this to their stocking! They'll be able to add their activity tracker stats, get a FREE ebook, recipes and meal plan too. Buy it for 20% off using promo code BIANCA20 through 12/31/14. THIS STUFFER IS PART OF MY GIVEAWAY!

I hope my Fit 'N Fancy Gift Guide helps you with your holiday shopping in some small way. Before you rush off, make sure to enter MY GIVEAWAY below!

ENTER MY HOLIDAY FIT GIFT GIVEAWAY by leaving a comment below telling me which of the giveaway prizes you want and why. Then go to one of your social media accounts (I don't care which one) and post the pic of the item you're dying to have tagging me (@Mizzfit_Bianca or HERE on FB) and the respective company name (@Fitbook, @Tatcha/@TatchaBeauty or @PointeStudio/@BarreSocks). Be sure to follow them too! I'm picking 3 winners on Christmas day! Good luck!


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