FITiST and Yigal Azrouel Team Up. Read My FITiST Review & Find Out What It's All About!

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It's a gym membership without the burden of a home-base gym--a very cool way to work out without getting bored of the same classes or studio space. I'm super excited about FITIST collaborating with designer Yigal Azrouel for NY Fashion Week! Even though Fashion Week sadly comes to an end today, you can stay in the spirit of high-style with Yigal's fashion-y workout plan. Just keep reading to find out everything that matters.



FITiST is the future of customized fitness training. Why? Because we all get bored of our gym. Whether you have a home gym in your house, a communal gym in your apartment building or a membership-based gym (like Equinox Fitness), it's inevitable that you will tire of the studio atmosphere and group fitness schedule. Don't feel bad, it's totally normal.

So along comes FITiST with an online membership that lets you pick the workout schedule of your dreams...filled with VARIETY! But how? By selling you a package of classes, which YOU (yes, you!) get to individually pick out from a list of the most popular and best studios in your city. What's the catch? Right now FITiST only lives in NYC/East Hampton. But the FITiST hits LA in October with 8 other cities underway by 2012.



I really dig FITiST because their service simplified my workout planning with one-stop booking. I actually figured out my workout schedule for 1 whole week in less than 5 minutes...which is something I've never managed to do before. It's definitely an efficient approach to working out especially if you're a busy person who likes to schedule things in advance. With the FITiST I loved that every day of the week, I was experiencing something new and working my body in different ways. I was literally feeling fitness nirvana! The FITiST package I tried is called The Rookie, which includes 2 Pilates classes, 2 Cycling classes and 2 yoga classes for a grand total of $150. I had 1 month to book all my classes and this is where I went: Core Pilates NYC, Flywheel Sports and The Shala Yoga House. Since naturally I wanted more, the founders of the FITiST gifted me 2 extra classes at Aerospace and Barry's Bootcamp (don't expect freebies though...they know I'm a fitness reviewer). I must say, every studio I went to was top notch.

I had a blast and only wish I could afford a life-long membership to FITiST. There were some glitches to the program, but nothing too horrible. Basically, FITiST is new and their quality of communication with participating studios needs improvement. For example, when I showed up to a few classes, the check-in people working at the studio had no idea that I was signed up through FITiST and asked me to pay for the class (for a 2nd time). In each case, I just explained my situation and had to wait at the check-in desk until the matter was resolved...which made me late for the class I was there to take. TOTALLY ANNOYING, but I assume the FITiST founders will make sure to fix this problem. To founders: please hurry to fix this because it was really embarrassing and I think the studio staff thought I was trying to sneak in.



  • Aerospace (Leila's AeroBarre class is amazing)
  • Barry's Bootcamp (Keoni is the best instructor!)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp (Take Ariane's class--she's the founder)
  • Flywheel (Take class from Jesse or Holly Rilinger)
  • I.AM.YOU Studio (Hands down the best athletic-power-yoga in NYC)
  • The Shala Yoga House (Maggie Gyllenhaal goes here...I think our mats touched)

If you're having trouble picking out classes, just ask for help! There's a concierge that will do it for you or experts that will help you based on your fitness goals. That's what I call awesomeness and FITiST's customer service has failed to disappoint me so far.

FYI, the less you miss class, the more FITpoints you earn. This means that for every booked class you attend, you earn 10 FITpoints. When you reach 300 you get a free class. It might take you a while, but at least it's something to keep you going and remind you not to miss class. Plus at these prices, it's just not worth it to miss any class you book. Another reason I'm quite fond of the program--the guilt factor.



So now you know Yigal works out. Phew, I'm relieved to know he's not puking it up to fit into his skinny jeans! Such a nice guy...he wants you to feel as great as he does so he put together a FITiST program based on the combo of exercise that does his body good. Check out his month-long Fit for Fall plan on FITiST ($350) which includes a $100 gift card to his NYC boutique and a free signature scarf (could it be one of these?). As Sarah Jessica Parker would indeed say, Me likeee!

  • 6 Indoor Cycling Classes
  • 4 Performance Classes
  • 4 Yoga Classes



FITiST is soooo nightlife savvy. They're an invite-only program. Kind of silly, yes. But in reality not so hard to get around. Just email me at and I'll shoot you an invite. Or just go to and sign up to be "considered" for membership. I have a feeling you'll be approved. But if you email me, I promise to get you in right away! Gosh, I'm cool. ;)




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