Fitness Glove Couture


The best fitness gloves marry fashion and function. They look hot on your hands and save you from the following: 1) unsightly callused skin, 2) fungi that breeds on sweaty athletic equipment (like yoga mats), 3) discomfort from impact, and  4) total embarrassment from losing your grip on weights or equipment while working out. Don't let your workout irritate your hands. Accessorize with fitness gloves and keep your hands feeling soft and looking feminine. As you may have already guessed, my favorite gloves are featured above and listed below.



  1. Altus MAX-CORE Weightlifting Glove
  2. SweatyBetty Fitness Glove
  3. Harbinger Women's Pro Wash and Dry Weight Lifting Gloves 
  4. Elite Fitness Gloves by Nike
  5. Nike Multi-Purpose Women's Training Gloves
  6. Nike Cardio Fitness Glove  
  7. Bionic Ladies Fitness Glove
  8. W’s SELECT Gel Glove by Pearl Izumi *For Cycling*
  9. Nike Black & White Swirl Cardio Fitness Glove
  10. Valeo Mesh Lifting Glove
  11. Nike Cardio Fitness Gloves in Pink
  12. Savasa Fitness Gloves
  13. Nike Camouflage Fitness Glove
  14. Gaiam Super Grippy Yoga Gloves

BONUS: Weight training gloves from Sports Authority at a price range to meet your budget. Even couturesses have to watch their wallets.


Photo courtesy of mizzFIT Fitness Couturess profile on Polyvore





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