Fitness Hurts

Let’s face it, the gym kicked your butt today. Or maybe it was that high intensity AEROJUMP class you took at AEROSPACE after reading my review. Your body hurts and that 1980’s heating pad your mother gave you combined with Icy Hot isn’t doing the trick. What do you do? The answer for your aching body is none other than Jeremy Roland.

Jeremy works at the Equinox Spa on 17th street and 10th avenue. He’s been practicing massage therapy for 3 years. He graduated from the Swedish Institute which must be a very good school because Jeremy gives the best massage I’ve ever had. Jeremy uses a combination of Myofascial release, Swedish massage, and Shiatsu points. I will warn you, he’s not a soft new age-y massage therapist. But who wants that anyway when your body is screaming bloody murder? Jeremy doctors your sore spots with firm hands and arms. He doesn’t ask you if the pressure is too much (as we’ve all been asked before)—he concentrates on fixing the problem. Jeremy uses myofascial release because it helps to manipulate the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles releasing muscle constriction. I could actually feel this release happening during my massage. It’s kind of like your muscles are having an orgasm. But don’t get carried away—Jeremy’s not that kind of guy. It’s Equinox.

Jeremy also incorporates swedish massage to help increase circulation, improve the health of your lymphatic system, and relax you. Shiatsu points, which are Jeremy’s specialty, are used to release blocked energy. It kind of hurts at the beginning when the pressure is applied to these points, but the feeling afterwards is incredibly worth it. Before my appointment with Jeremy, I wasn’t going to rule out reconstructive back surgery. But then I woke up the next morning feeling pain-free and a bit taller. OK…maybe I was wearing heels that day.

Jeremy Roland is the perfect antidote for your workout injuries. If you’re already a member at Equinox, there’s a member discount on spa services and right now they’re advertising a 30 minute upgrade if you purchase a 50 minute massage (available to non-members too). I promise you the 80 minutes with Jeremy is such a treat. He’s a really soothing and knowledgeable massage therapist and whether you’re male or female, you feel comfortable with him. A lot of people have a gender preference when it comes to massage. That’s understandable, but I wouldn’t let that get in the way of experiencing a treatment with Jeremy Roland. I’ll leave you with this final thought:

“One of the things about massage that helps pain is that it goes down to the heart of where people feel their pain. There is the overall sense of well-being one can get from the massage approach.” ~M.K. Brennan, RN, LMBT

To make an appointment call the Equinox Spa @ 212.367.0863

UPDATE: Jeremy no longer works for Equinox :(




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