Fitness Trend Blogging Has It's Benefits: I Got To Work With Nature Made!



I'm a vitamin girl. Are you?

Vitamins had be hooked upon biting into my 1st Flintstones for Kids. So when Nature Made asked me to be an ambassador, I was like "hells yeaaaaah!" and victory danced in my kitchen (you'd understand if you saw my vitamin shelf). Watch the video above from Nature Made with me and the other lovely ambassadors for Vitamelts, a new kind of flavored vitamin that literally melts in your mouth!

During filming for the video you just watched, I felt like I was on The View! Every ambassador had a different lifestyle and story but we all shared a common goal of health. There were even some fitness girls in the bunch who I immediately bonded with.

You may be wondering: what is an ambassador? It's kind of like being a spokesperson or a really informed messenger. I thought I knew a lot about vitamins going into my ambassadorship with Nature Made but what I learned is that I didn't know EVERYTHING. Vitamins are supplements that should fill in the gaps of your diet, never replacing real food or balanced meals. The healthiest way to approach vitamins is to find out what you need first (ask your doc). Consistency is important and taking them in the right doses (at the right times) is also wise. Hmmm, sounds similar to the rules of working out, doesn't it?

This pic of me was taken during filming. I love the look on my face...'cause it's me feeling at my best. I couldn't have been happier working with Nature Made over the last few months to bring you information about a supplement I truly believe in. It feels good to represent a company that is making products that helps us live healthier and more complete. Gone are the days when I used to work in advertising and had to promote anything and everything that crossed my desk (even stuff I knew was unhealthy). It's hard to sell something that doesn't DO SOMETHING GOOD. That's why I founded and left the ad biz years ago.

Vitamelts from Nature Made have less than 3 calories in each tablet. They taste sweet, dissolve quickly and will never cramp your style. I took mine with me to Fashion Week (in my tiny Chanel clutch) as I waited for the Y-3 show to start. I wanted to take the whole show in (it was a huge production) and to photograph every look I possibly could. Vitamelts Energy to the rescue! And when I got home that night, tired from strutting the Lower East Side of Manhattan in my metallic silver heels, I took Some Vitamelts Relax + Vitamelts Sleep, and was out like a light.

Vitamins won't drastically change your life, but if you need some help staying on point with your health or if there are vegetables/fruit/foods that you can't bare eating that contain essential nutrients, I recommend trying Vitamelts. I keep mine in my purse, gym bag and on my night stand.

Where will you stash yours? Tell me in the comments section!


Nature Made® VitaMelts™ are a new "one of a kind”, enjoyable way to take your vitamins because they melt in your mouth and taste great. Discover how new Nature Made® VitaMelts™ can transform your vitamin taking experience by making it enjoyable. Visit us at to learn more. Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nature Made via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nature Made.



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