Yeah, hurts...VDAY is depressing...and maybe you were never meant to find love. Get out of your head, girl! You can complain all you want but it's time to put your hands up and let your fists do the talking. This Feb 14th, check out Ex-Factor--a FREE Anti-Valentine's Day Boxing Class. Spend your loveless VDAY throwing immaculate punches and getting into shape. If you have a loved one, bring 'em along and show them why they shouldn't misbehave. See details below.


THE WORKOUT: Ex-Factor – A FREE Anti-Valentine’s Day Boxing Class
Looking good is the best revenge, so this Valentine’s Day Crunch is inviting all victims of love to take out their post-relationship aggression in this intense boxing class. Participants bring in a picture of their ex to tape on a focus mitt and pair up with another bitter boxer, because it's time to get even. K.O. your former flame, burn calories, tone arms, and perfect your right hook.
THE GUEST LIST: Crunch members, friends, and anyone looking for a good workout. Free and open to the public.
THE SPOT: Crunch 59th St. at 7pm
                  1109 2nd Ave (btw 58th & 59th St)
                  New York, NY 10022
THE DATE: This Valentine's Day - Monday, February 14th

YOUR WEAPON: Alright, it's not deadly but it sure is stylish and priced well for this high-impact workout.

Century Boxing Gloves for Women

Century Women's Boxing Glove w/Diamond Tech in Black/Pink

Enjoy...and right before you deliver a killer jab, think about that time he or she called you a psycho and go for it!




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