Got 25 minutes to work out? That's all you need at NYLean25 with Robert Brace (NYC)


This is a guest post by Erica Chapman.

Here's something that goes without saying: you're busy. You work hard, play hard and even relax hard....and that doesn't leave much time for working out.  Unfortunately, exercise tends to slip to the bottom of the priorities list during a packed day, and we've all been there, right? No judgment here!

Luckily for us on-the-go chicks who want to stay fit but can't always find the 2 hours in a day that a long run and shower eats up, former professional dancer Robert Brace has invented the NYLean25 class! If you've guessed from the name that the number 25 is involved, you're right: this is 25 minutes--to the second--of some of the most intense intervals you've ever done. Yup, it's hard, but here's the greatest part: it's over in less than half an hour! And Robert promises this is the fastest, most effective way to build muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness.

Check him out. His abs don't lie.

Robert Brace abs from NYLean25 NYC

Here's the scoop: back in the day, Robert heard 2 pieces of feedback from his personal trainees. First, they couldn't afford expensive one-on-one sessions. Second, they hated working out--see? you're not alone!--but they still wanted to get fit. His solution? Create a workout that incorporates a minimum effective time length with maximum effort, turn it into a 3-times-a-week program, and combine it with a healthy diet plan to see results after just six weeks. Check out the exact science behind Robert's interval training program HERE.

Having only experienced 2 classes, I can't fully attest to the results part, but after the last class I went to, let me just say that I'm guessing he's not joking. I did so many squats that my quads were vibrating as I walked down the stairs to the A train, and 3 days later they're STILL feeling good. Think: lunges, squats, and high knees, and that's just the "legs" class. Every session involves different intervals and new muscles, to promote "muscle confusion" and keep things fresh. Don't worry--by the end of the week, your whole body will be feeling the burn! Luckily, Robert has a commanding voice and an upbeat personality along with a thumping playlist that makes those 25 minutes of lunges fly by. The classes I checked out were small enough that he could walk through the room tweaking everyone's form, which was nice, because I'm sure I speak for most when I say that unmonitored, my high knees start to look more like low-to-medium knees....

Bottom line: this class is a no-brainer for the busy bee. It's simple (just bring LOTS of water and a yoga mat, or use the studio's at your own risk), it's fast, and it's perfect for all levels, from the advanced gym rat to the complete newbie. Robert teaches out of several dance/gym studios in Manhattan, and while the spaces aren't swanky, let's be honest--you're going for the workout, and it's a short one. When you sign up for the very reasonably-priced 6-week package ($225 for 18 classes), you'll also get the diet plan, which takes advantage of the fact that after these workouts, your metabolism is humming along at a nice clip for about 8 hours. Meals and snacks are outlined to help keep you on track. Now if it only came with a personal chef....

Ok, so just about anything is more fun than lunges and squats. But can you beat less than 2 hours a week for a little definition?? Leaves time for a bubble bath to soak those appreciative quads.

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About the Author: Erica Chapman is a connoisseur of team sports & gourmet food. She lives and works out in New York City.




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