Happy Fashion Week, New York City! This Is How A Fitness Girl Rolls In Style. Plus a GIVEAWAY!!!

I can't believe NY Fashion Week is here already!

Should I start crying because it means summer's over or because I can't afford any of the clothes on the runway? I'll just cry out of pure happiness because honestly NY Fashion Week is super fun and it's not about how much you paid for or where you buy your clothes. It's about how you ROCK THEM. So here's a look at how I rock Fashion Week...

**Start thinking about the craziest/edgiest outfit you've ever worn and leave a comment about it at the end of this article to enter my my Fashion Week Dream Body Giveaway**

How I rolled in style for NY Fashion Week

I started off my day with a fitness fashion shoot in the West Village. I wanted to show MizzFIT readers and followers how you can push the limits of fitness fashion. Yes, I dress this way to rollerskate and yes, my West Village neighborhood in downtown Manhattan is used to it. I like to think that I inspire them and I do enjoy a giggle here and there from wide-eyed tourists.

For my shoot, I paid homage to Betsey Johnson with her strapless, prom-inspired black lace poof dress. May the BJ brand rest in peace (all stores sadly closed this summer) and I really hope we haven't seen the last of Betsey's pop-sugary fashions. My skates are by C.Wonder ($75) and if I could make out with them, I would. C.Wonder carries the best fitness accessories and gear right down to pogo sticks, and they're not even a sportswear store! If you live in NYC, check out the store on Spring Street in Soho. The watches I'm rockin' are by my longtime favorite, RumbaTime. They're juicy, they're sweat resistant and only cost $45.

After the shoot, my hair/makeup-artist Sarah Wood, fixed my braids and I was off to Fashion Palette's Australian Designer runway show at Canoe Studios. Skates weren't allowed so I quickly changed into a floral dress by Trina Turk (as long as it's warm outside, I'll continue to dress like it's still summer).

At Fashion Palette's show, I got to hang with Nicole Rose Stillings and Micah Jesse while sitting almost directly across from Kristin Chenoweth--Aaaah mazing! My favorite part of the show was the line of highly impractical bikini-top jewelry chains paired with black sateen high-waisted bikini bottoms. Can I get the sporty version of that?

The minute the show ended, I was off to dinner with The Glam Network at Beaumarchais. Glam Media never disappoints. Dinner was fancy and all the fashion bloggers in attendance were dazzling, especially my favorite Ashley Torres from Pursuit of Shoes (pictured below). Isn't Chris Anthony from Glam a cutie? I'd love to see him in fashionably workout gear. Mmmhmm. 

Here's a vid from my dinner with Glam:


The workout that got me through my hectic 1st day of Fashion Week...GIVEAWAY TIME!

It was a busy day for me and busy days call for an effective workout solution that can be done in 1-hour or less preferably first thing in the morning. I had no travel time for gym or fitness class so I decided to do one of my new favorite DVD workouts at home. It's called the Fusion Fitness Dream Body Workout and I'm officially calling it one of the 5 hardest DVD workouts of my life.

It's the perfect express workout for fashion week because it's trendy, designed especially for women who want to look good in their clothes, and it's F*%#&ing HARD! You will sweat like a pregnant pig and hate life for 60 minutes, but you'll fall in love with the results and be satisfied with a full body workout that's just as good or better as your favorite cardio & plyometrics fitness class. I'm betting on "better", but you can be the judge of that because I'm giving away 4 of the Fusion Fitness Dream Body DVDs.

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me about the craziest/edgiest outfit you've ever worn for a fashion related event. Even better if it was an outfit you wore for a fitness event or workout! 4 winners will be announced on Friday, September 21st 2012.

Can't wait to read about all your crazy outfits!

Happy Fashion Week to all my New Yorkers and partakers!



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