Hippie Chic & Cheap Sports Bras From C9


I'm not a hippie but tie dye sports bras make me smile. Especially at $16.99. Are you kidding me?!

If you don't already know about C9, Champion's line for Target, then it's about time you do. C9 is one of my favorite athletic lines for basic, functional pieces that will cost you a pretty penny elsewhere (like Lululemon). But I must warn you, it's often hit or miss and some Target stores have better C9 inventory than others. I recommend shopping C9 online because the Target I went to was poorly stocked with a range of sizes. When you score stylish C9 apparel, you've basically hit the jackpot because the clothes are durable, sweat resistant, shrink-resistant and you can buy an entire workout outfit for $100.

I couldn't resist the tie dye sports bras pictured above because you can layer them with a see-through or light-weight tank top that shows them off. It's a great way to have some fun with your sports bra without totally baring your belly. Keep in mind these bras are seamless but they're actually extremely supportive. If you're large chested, I'd give them a shot! They're comfortable and fit securely enough that you won't worry about a "slip" while working out. I've been wearing them to run outside during the heat and humidity wave here in NYC and they've been a lifesaver by keeping me cool and free of unsightly sweat patches. Trust me, moisture wicking is important and these sports bras have it! You never expect to bump into the boy you're dating while you're out on a run. But just in case it happens (as it did to me last weekend), you can focus on flirting instead of worrying about chest sweat. At $16.99, that's a deal!

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