Holiday Gifts for Fitness Women, from Stocking Stuffers to Any Night of Hanukkah. All Under $75!

You better believe my holiday gift list is fitness-inspired.

I like to impress my friends & family with presents that make them want to hit the gym, try out a new workout routine or make a healthy shift. Year after year, the bar gets raised and my friends & family expect even better presents than last year. That's a lot of pressure when you're on a budget. Problem solved (for you and for me)! Check out my MizzFIT Holiday Gift Guide for 2012 below.


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The MizzFIT Holiday Gift Guide 2012

(from stocking stuffers to any night of Hanukkah)


1. HANDANA - Because fitness & sweating go hand in hand.

A Handana is a high performance sweat band that stylishly, seamlessly and comfortably wraps around your hand.

With a Handana you can actually use your hand to dry (not just wipe) the sweat from your forehead.

Created by Katie Niemeyer, Handana can be used for many fitness activities and sports. As a runner, I love how I can slide it right onto my hand without it being a burden. As a fashionista, I love the colors and the fit. And as someone who values clear skin, I love that now I can clean gross sweat off my face the right way. The fact that I wear contacts also makes Handana valuable to my eyes during a workout. Price: Only $15


2. KITSCH HAIR TIES - Because hair in your face is just as bad as hair in your food!

I really just can't stand when my hair gets in the way of a focused workout. I'm the queen of pony-tail holders (at least that's what I've called them since I was little). But the black and brown elastic bands I grew up with are beyond boring and it's nice to put some bling in your hair as a way to style up 2 shape up!

Kitsch hair ties and headbands accomplish both by holding hair tightly in place and adding a touch of flare. They make a stupendous stocking stuffer because they're inexpensive and a treat for a fitness enthusiast who might not typically buy fancy hair accessories for herself. Price: from $7 - $18


3. BJORN BORG ACTIVE UNDIES - Because soggy panties and chafing are NO good!

OMG. That's really all you need to read ("OMG"). Bjorn Borg makes the coolest looking and feeling fitness undies around! I love how silky they feel and I actually sleep in them too (which needs to stop because I don't have any left to wear to the gym!). For the fit girl who is particular about style and cut (i.e. up the butt or covered up), there are all kinds to choose from with some amazing designs to boot!

Created by tennis player Bjorn Borg, this line of active undies is high quality and moves with the body. The packaging is fun and creative too! Give 2 or 3 pairs to a loved one so that they'll think of you every time they open their underwear drawer. Price: $10 and up!


4. LYSSE' FIT TANK & LEGGINGS - Made for fitness but stylish enough to wear out.

Lysse' FIT active leggings have the most beautiful shine and grommet detail that most fitness leggings don't have, and can be worn casually too. They have a tummy control top that flatters without strangling the abs. Frankly, they're like jeggings for fitness (with a little stretch and a lot of hold).

There's even a matching Lysse' Racerback Tank that lengthens the torso and looks great dressed up with a stylish top or jacket.

But what I like best is the Lysse' present-ation. My shapewear came in a beautiful silver box adorned with luxurious ribbon inside and out. Now that's a stellar gift, one that saves you money on wrapping paper! Price: from $58 - $66


5. HAND-KNIT LEGWARMERS BY PRANCING LEOPARD ORGANICS - Because fitness studios get chilly.

Prancing Leopard Organics sells unique organic fitness apparel like these hand-knit legwarmers that will thrill any dancer or barre-fitness lover. They're a great accessory for fit ladies who like to warm up with fitness fashion.

The legwarmers slide on easy, right over leggings or tights. Can be tied at the top to adjust the fit. I own them in gray but as you can see, a bright color makes a statement. Price: $75


6. ZENSAH SMART TOUCH RUN GLOVES - Because they've got the Midas Touch!

The most functional not to mention comfortable run gloves to cross my desk! No, they're not made by Lululemon and no, they don't have a cute mitt cover. Zensah's Smart Touch Run Gloves are the Porsche of run gloves.

They're sleek, made with breathable fabric to keep the warm in and the sweat out. And they're finger dipped in gold!

The gold fingertip pads actually let wearers use their smart phone as if they were bare-handed. And the genius sticky grip on the palms helps prevents against phone dropping and cracked screens. Oh yeah, they reflect too. A no brainer gift for a winter fitness girl who must have phone and music near at all times. Price: $30 and worth it


7. ASPEN YOGA MATS - Because they're embroidered and make the floor feel good.

It's nice to travel light, but I'll carry a dense mat any day if it improves my practice. That's what Aspen Yoga Mats do.

Their thinkness increases your yogic endurance because they're cushy on hands and slightly sticky for a good grip. They also roll up like butter. Symbols are embroidered at the top of each mat to represent inner strength goals and act as reminders during one's practice. Choose a color and symbol for a yoga-loving friend and share the significance behind your choice. A true heart-opening gift! Price: $60


Want these fit gifts for yourself?

Enter my "Give the Gift of Fitness Giveaway"

I'm giving away 3 gift combos. To win one of the 3 prizes below, leave a comment telling me which of the Fit Gifts above is your favorite and whether you think your friends & family would take kindly to receiving a Fit Gift instead of something else on their holiday wish list.


  • Bjorn Borg Sporty Hotpants (size medium) + pack of Kitsch Hair Ties
  • Lysse' FIT Capri Legging (size small) + pack of Kitsch Hair Ties
  • Lysse' FIT Flare Legging (size small) + pack of Kitsch Hair Ties

Unfortunately I don't have any size large to giveaway this time. Be sure to tell me which of the 3 gift combos you prefer. I'll pick a winner on 12/24/2012.


FYI: All these products were handpicked based on my fave trends this year. I'm wearing my legwarmers in bed as I type these last words ;)




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