Holiday Style & Fashion Inspo for Fall 2019

In my opinion, it makes sense to go sporty in the Fall and Winter months because it’s so darn cold outside and just easier to get around when you’re not dealing with the hassle of heels. Lately, I’ve been sporting 4 looks inspired by a few key pieces that I got from adidas. Sometimes adding just a few things to your wardrobe can really spruce up what you’ve already got. 


The 3 adidas items that put my creative styling into motion were these:

  1. Superstar Shoes ($80) in black and white with the gold adidas logo. Crisp and classic if you ask me. Plus I just spotted Carmen Electra wearing them too!
  2. NMD R1 Shoes ($130) in black and white with rose gold side detail. I didn’t think I was going to love these as much as I do because they seem really white and simple when you see them on the shelf but they can literally transform an outfit!
  3. adidas Athletic Pack Sweatshirt ($65) which fits boxy and oversized intentionally for a loose fit vibe. I normally don’t wear anything loose but I soon realized the benefits of rocking this style!

A few tips on purchasing these items and how I wore them:

  • Superstar Shoes run a bit large so size down by a half size to ensure a good fit. 
  • NMD's really need more support in the sole so I bought an orthotic insert and now they feel perfect!
  • I sized up on the Pack Sweatshirt because I wanted it to be bigger and looser. Normally I'm a size small in adidas but for this one, I got a medium.

Also, I’m psyched to share that these items will be included in Black Friday discounts, which you can link to *HERE for Women's Shoes* and *HERE for Outdoor Clothing* and which will officially go live on November 29, 2019.



First look! As a little girl, I was really into the model known as Twiggy (a sensation of the 70’s) and loved how she could rock a trouser. Back then trousers were worn with heels but TODAY they look so chic with a crisp white sneaker like the Women’s NMD R1 Shoes. I love rose gold so the small touch of shiny metallic siding on these NMD’s was all I needed to fall totally in love.

I’m wearing trousers from Kobi Halperin that have crystals down the side and a striped bodysuit from Forever21. The overall look is sleek and the truth is that you could get away with it in a casual workplace environment or a nice evening event. Just keep these shoes nice and white unless you go with another colorway! 

I quite like this last photo as you can see how the rose gold in mhy NMD's really compliments the rhinestones on my pants. Never underestimate that little touch of metallic or sparkle. ;)  Ok, let's move on to the NEXT LOOK!

My 2nd look is an ode to my prep school days! We didn’t have to wear uniforms at John Burroughs but I always loved that schoolgirl look and rocked the skirts anyway…and still do! Here, again, I’m wearing my white NMD’s but this time paired in a more feminine way with this American Apparel skirt (R.I.P., AA!), black short sleeved bodysuit and a vintage Ralph Lauren puffer vest. It all just feels right together and so deliciously FALL! What do you think?

The 3rd look is all about FITNESS FASHION! I am obsessed with biker shorts for Fall and Winter just because you can wear them in shinier and thicker fabrics that scream bad-ass! I got these moto biker shorts from Aritzia and they look SO GOOD with my adidas Athletic Pack Sweatshirt. 


























The sweatshirt is completely loose, with wide sleeves and a boxy fit allowing you to show off your curves on the bottom half of your bod. There’s a nice balance here with the tight bottom and boxy top, I think! It’s forgiving for Thankgiving at the very least but most of all keeps you warm on top for outdoor exercise. You can easily layer underneath this sweatshirt and the front pocket is nice and big (gloves, hat, keys, etc).

You can’t see it so well from my pics but there’s a big adidas logo on the back. To finish off the look, add a warm hat like mine in a bright fall color or gloves and a scarf that give your outfit a nice color pop. Notice that my liptick is's because when you wear all black you have so much more room to play with crazier colors.





My last look is inspired by a special person in my life who’s always bringing “real hipster” street style to my attention. I grew up kind of preppy, so I never really wore accessories that were edgy or punk but all I can say is that I LOVE THEM NOW! I bought these amazing fishnet stocking SOCKS last year. I couldn’t quite figure out how to wear until I got my new adidas Superstar Shoes! They look so hot with these sneaks instead of wearing normal anklet socks. There are so many ways to wear your Superstars for both men and women, but in my opinion rockabilly style is the way to go! Put on some bright red lipstick, a leopard-print faux fur coat (or anything else you have in this print) and you are ready to hit the town. Trust me, it's a good look. 


I hope you liked my looks! Make sure to check out during the holiday month for sales, especially on Black Friday so you can give your closet the slight update it needs. Have fun styling your own looks and most importantly have a wonderful holiday <3

**Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by adidas but all writing, photography and opinions shared belong to Bianca Jade, created authentically for YOU as my reader.**


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