I Tried Body FX, a Permanent Fat Loss Treatment!

Hi guys! Bianca Jade here. I’m always trying transformational treatments, and here's the latest one: Body FX at Collagen Bar, located in Midtown Manhattan. I had a few sessions done on my stomach and love handles to firm up this area, but most of all to REDUCE FAT! And for full disclosure, I had 2 treatments which were each around 30 minutes long. 

Body FX is an easy non-invasive treatment that reduces stubborn fat while simultaneously firming up the skin rather than leaving you all saggy. Best of all, the fat loss is permanent! Watch me get treated in my Body FX video which I filmed to help you learn more about this treatment, and hear the benefits directly from Collagen Bar founder and beauty practitioner, Diana Seo (who's also a good friend of mine and someone I really trust in the skincare and beauty industry).

If you have more questions about this treatment beyond what you see/hear in the video, please reach out to Diana. I'm including her website info below. An estimate on cost of treatment for Body FX ranges from $580-780 per area.

Check out The Collagen Bar here! 

I really want to emphasize how important it is to ask questions before ANY treatment you're interested in trying. I made this video as a guide to show you how to speak with your practitioner and not be intimidated to grill them about the procedure or technology behind it. Most of the time they actually love being grilled because it allows them to geek out on the science. And all practitioners love talking about RESULTS that come about from the science! Just know that you always deserve this information and if they're a good provider, they'll want to give you all thes details so that you feel 100% comfortable making an informed decision.

Many thanks to Diana for allowing me to put her on the spot and for letting me bring my camera into the treatment room ;)


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