I'm Too Sexy For My Tank Top With BodyRock Sport (Psst...there's a giveaway contest!)


Why am I too sexy for my tank top?

I'm usually not one for rhinestones but BodyRock Sport mixes the right amount of sparkle with beautiful cuts of made-to-sweat-in fabric to create sports bras that are, in my opinion, sexy works of art. BodyRock Sport bras give the I'm Too Sexy song a whole new meaning for me now. Because when I'm wearing one I'm definitely way too sexy for my shirt!

So what is it about these sports bras that I love so much?

Let me tell you a story that has a lot to do with fate. I discovered BodyRock's bras, possibly the sexiest sports bras ever made, while perusing the shop at Reebok Sports Club/NY and almost died when I came across The Sophie Bra. It's gorgeous! The fabric is thick and strong with a print that just about any girly-girl would love, and it's subtly adorned with matching studs and rhinestones that pop against the fabric without looking super cheesy. There's even a front zip closure in gold! It's a super posh bra that would be a crime to cover up. I fell in love immediately.

The Sophie Bra had me at first glance but the price was, well, kind of steep at $70. I guess you have to expect that sports bras this nice and well-made aren't going to be cheap. This one in particular is made with Supplex fabric which is incredibly soft, shrink & fade resistant and helps hold garment shape. It even dries faster than cotton. I pondered the Sophie Bra purchase but didn't buy it. Sometimes you have to know when to say when, especially when your closet is pouring forth a ton of fitness attire like mine. Sadly, I walked away from the sexiest, most amazing bra I've ever laid eyes on.

Then something amazing happened...

BodyRock Sport saw my Closet Case feature in Time Out New York and asked if they could send me a sports bra to try out. "Hell yeah!", I said enthusiastically. The best part of this very happy ending is that BodyRock Sport sent me a Sophie Bra to give away. One of you is going be a very lucky girl by entering my giveaway contest. If you can guess which sports bra BodyRock Sport sent me to test out, you'll win the Sophie Bra and this super cute Peek-a-Boo racerback tank, even though I insist that you go tank-less while blasting I'm Too Sexy on your JammyPack. OK...that might be a bit ostentatious but boy would I love to see one of you do that!

BodyRock Sport sophie bra sam tank

Here are 2 hints for my BodyRock Sport Giveaway Contest:

  1. It's not the Sophie Bra (that would be gross if I worked out in it and then re-gifted it)
  2. It has the color black in it

Time to guess away by visiting BodyRock Sport. Don't forget to leave your best guess in the comment section below. This giveaway contest will end on February 7th, 2011.

Impatient? Hit up S Factor NY's BodyRock event happening TOMORROW (1/25/11)

If you're hard up for a BodyRock Sport bra and simultaneously feel like writhing yourself fit, girl, you better sign up for the event below pronto!

Ladies Who Rock Their Bodies With BodyRock Sport - presented by Sheila Kelley's S Factor NY Studio

$45 or $65 gets you an S Factor pole dance class and a free BodyRock Sport bra! Yes, free! That's kind of an amazing deal because BodyRock Sport bras are EXPENSIVE and I can't imagine a better way to break one in. Go be sexy. God knows we all deserve it. Register for the event here.




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