Interview with Pro Surfer Carissa Moore

Q.You’re only 19 years old and you’re an ASP Women’s World Champ. How does that feel?

I have to pinch myself all the time. I am so lucky to be where I am at in life right now. It has been a dream of mine since I was little to be a world champ so to have that goal checked off already is unbelievable.

Q.You're constantly in the water. Which surfing event do you look forward to most?

I love the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast of Australia. It is the first event of our year and the wave is just so much fun! The vibe, people and culture is amazing and there is always so much going on surrounding the event. Never a dull moment.

Q.It's no secret that you win a lot. How do you reward yourself?

To celebrate I usually do something simple like a nice dinner with family and friends. But, I must admit I have done quite a bit of shopping since the season ended though, oops!

Q.You rock a bikini like a true surfer chick. Do you EVER feel insecure in swimwear or is it smooth sailing for ya?

I still feel insecure in my own skin but I think as I have grown and matured I have found more confidence in myself, who I am and what I stand for. I am learning that all I can do is be the best I can be and if people love me for that, awesome.

Q.What’s the most exciting part of being a spotlighted athlete?

It's so weird because I don't even feel like a well-known athlete. I look at myself and think how could people look up to me, I'm just a dorky 19 year old girl. I guess the most exciting thing would be that I get to travel to some amazing, beautiful places, surf perfect waves and meet awesome people.

Q.You recently bought a house. Most 19 year olds don’t own a house. Any plans for a home gym?

It is my little slice of heaven. I can come home after a long day, turn on my porch lights and just mellow out in my hammock. I recently had an interior designer come and redo the inside of my house with a beachy/ surf shack vibe, lots of color. I would like to turn one of the rooms into a little gym. At the moment all I have is a few weights, a kettle bell, ball and bike. Simple and easy, but gets the job done when I need it.

Q.Favorite pre-workout snack for an energy boost?

Some sort of protein and carb combo, turkey and toast for example.

Q.I know you love fitness fashion. Spill the beans on what you wear, please!

I am more into fitness fashion than regular fashion! I am sponsored by Nike and they have inspired me to have fun with workout clothes by layering and wearing a lot of color.

Q.If you could only work out in 1 thing?
A. would be my Nike headphones of course attached to my iPod. I need music, it's an essential.

Q.Speaking of working out. How do you?

I have a trainer that I meet and work out with two times a week for about an hour and a half. The rest of the week I mix it up between spinning, hot yoga and hiking.

Q.You’re sponsored by a lot of big brands like Target. What has been the impact of this partnership on your career?

It is has been an amazing journey with Target the past 3 years. They have helped me achieve my biggest dream by supporting my travels and training. They have given me some really unique opportunities to meet some top level athletes at the Winter X Games and have helped me decorate my new house so that I have a place where I can just relax and find a good balance. They have also helped me support some of the keiki contests in Hawaii and give back to the community. It has been a very positive partnership.

Q.Who is your biggest fitness inspiration?

My trainer, Lisa Steward. She inspires me every day with the lifestyle she lives.



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