Just Like Anything, Jumping Rope Can Get Boring. Watch This Video & Change That!

Workouts get boring just like everything else in life!

But you can change that. The CBS morning show Live From The Couch asked me to show them (and YOU) how to spice up an exercise like jumping rope. I did 2 things: I found some killer ropes and I choreographed a jumping routine. I want you to try it!

Watch my appearance on CBS Live From The Couch:


My only regret is that I could not showcase my entire epic routine!

I have to admit it was a tad long and maybe too advanced for John Elliot, the host who "tried" to jump with me and Carlos. But that doesn't mean you can't do it!

Here's the routine written out for you with the footwork instructions:

  • Start with a basic skip of 5 regular hops with both feet together
  • 5 shuffle hops, bouncing from one foot to the other
  • 5 wider-stepped shuffle hops, going from one foot to the other
  • 5 double foot side to side hops
  • 5 jumps with both feet together forwards and backwards
  • 5 kick-backs (nearly kicking your feet to your butt)
  • 5 kick-outs
  • 5 jumping jack leg hops
  • 5 high knees
  • End with a "walk out", strutting forwards in a walking/jump style and the back to starting position

I just ask that you do it to an upbeat song. My preference is Treasure by Bruno Mars!


Check out the weighted jump ropes I used from C9 By Champion!

They have a total of 2.5 pounds stored in both handles of the rope. Best of all, they'll only set you back $10, which is obviously a great deal!

You can find them HERE at Target, one of my favorite places to shop. So much so, that I'm waiting on Target to hit me up with a spokesperson offer on all their fit gear! I mean HELLO??? From Fit Undies to weighted jump ropes, I kinda have their back! Ha!

In the meantime, I'm giving away 2 C9 jump ropes to 2 LUCKY MIZZFIT READERS! 1 rope that's weighted and 1 that's made for speed:

To enter: Just tell me how you've recently been "somebody's reason to smile" in the comments section at the end of this post!


A few jump rope tips that will help you TRAIN TO BE GREAT!

  • Use a mirror! Go to a mirrored gym studio and watch yourself jump rope. It helps you get a feel for the rhythm of the workout and catch your mistakes.
  • Make sure your rope is the right length. It's correctly sized for you when you're standing on it and you can reach the tip of the rope's handles to your armpits.
  • Try to softly jump up and down on the balls of your feet. Your heels should never touch the ground.
  • Don't try and jump too high. Keep your jumps small enough to clear the rope. The higher you jump, the quicker you'll tire yourself out.
  • You're going to bruise because the rope will eventually smack you in the leg, arm or tush. Expect little bruises and wear them proud like a true athlete!
  • If you mess up, JUST RELAX. Jumping rope is hard. Give it another swing and remember that short bursts make for a great workout. So it's OK to start and stop.


A Giveaway & why YOU should be somebody's reason's to SMILE...

Enter my C9 jump rope giveaway by simply leaving a comment in the comments section telling me how you've recently been "somebody's reason to smile". Why do I ask this question? Because I think it's a solid purpose to have in life. I am so thankful to the people in my life who make me smile, whether it's related to love, friendship or work. It's an amazing feeling and IT'S CONTAGIOUS. So pay it forward!

Emily (my asst) and Anna (my intern) had me smiling on the way to Live From The Couch. And that's what put me in the right state of mind to laugh it up on camera. Like I said, it's a solid purpose to have in life. Now go win yourself some jump ropes! 2 winners will be picked on August 30th, 2013. Good luck!



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