Kenya Moore - Housewife of Atlanta

Q.I'm dying to know, who is the REAL Kenya that we don't get to see enough of on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

I think that you don’t really get to see enough of my goofy side. I'm really a fun loving person. I think you can see it with my Gone With The Wind Fabulous video. I like to make fun of myself. So I think that’s probably what people can see in my everyday life that they don’t necessarily see on the show.

Q.You've gone from beauty queen to TV star and you just released your own fitness DVD. What led you to fitness?

When I first started the show I got so many fans tweeting me or emailing me asking me what I do to stay fit and maintain the body that I have. I kept saying, okay I’m going to write a blog. I tried and I’m like, oh this isn’t coming across right!

Then the opportunity came with my distributor Acacia ( and I knew I should pursue it because fitness has been apart of my brand all along. I’ve been in Maxim, FHM and y'know all the men’s magazines and I’m sort of known for my body and my curves.

I was really happy to be able to share my secrets with everyone on the Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp DVD. I’m not unlike any other woman out there. I have to watch what I eat! I have to workout! Y'know, I'm over 40 so it takes getting it right at this point in my life and that's what I'm able to share in my fitness DVD.

Q.Were you a fitness fanatic during your competitive beauty queen days?

I definitely worked out a lot but remember I was 20 years old! Your metabolism burns everything you eat and you don’t have to do a whole lot at 20. But I was working out an hour a day and eating great healthy foods.

I’ve adjusted over the years because your metabolism you have to kind of tell yourself "I can’t eat this food" and "I have to work out a little bit harder with the weights now". Statistics show that you lose more muscle as you get older. So I learned how to adjust and look just as great as I used to.

Q.What qualifies as a GREAT booty in your opinion?

What men really like and what women really want is a curvaceous shape. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, you want to aim for curves!

My Booty Boot Camp DVD will give you a round and lifted booty. And it's absolutely made for everyone to see results. I have men doing my workout video! All races--White, Black, Hispanic, Asian...

Q.Speaking of who's doing your workout, how about the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast? Do they support you?

Of that, I’m not a 100% sure, but I certainly have given them each a DVD and no one has complained. Everyone has said admirable things like "good workout" or that they are sore the next day.

I've only gotten positive responses, so hopefully they all support me because I support them in everything they do.

Q.Women have obstacles getting to the gym. For some it's their hair and not wanting to ruin a blowout. What's your stance on this?

It's unfortunate. Here’s the thing, you should never choose your hair over a workout because you can die with pretty hair! Which one do you want? Do you want to be alive, or do you want to die with pretty hair?

You know heart disease is the #1 killer of women, so we got to be better in our choices of our food and our fitness regiment. But what I have done that works for me--and I know that everyone’s hair texture is different--is to keep it in a tight pony tail or bun, and let it dry.  Your blowout will still be there...just let it dry. Then I touch it up a little bit with a flat iron or I’ll use a cool blow dryer at my roots and that keeps it from puffing out.

Q.What’s your favorite fitness fashion brand?

I have to say Nike would be my choice. I like the way their shoes feel.

Q.What is the 1 thing you absolutely need to have to have an amazing workout?

Great music inspires me. Like when you hear an absolutely amazing song like Gone With The Wind Fabulous, it makes you want to dance! Music gives you all this energy from nowhere.

Q.There's a misconception that gorgeous women like yourself have it easy. How does it feel to open up on the show about your life?

One of the reasons that I feel like I have been successful on the show is because I have been brutally honest.You can love me, you can hate me, but the one thing that I know I’ve done right is reveal who I really am on the show.

I've allowed my failures to be seen---y'know with relationships, with my health, with any concerns like marriage, my cancer scares...

Everyone has problems in life, and I have a history. I’ve struggled, I am still struggling with issues, and I think through it all, I think that’s what makes me relatable 'cause no matter what you think I look like or how perfect you think I have it together, I’m just like anybody else.

Q.I love that you put that vibe out there on the show because we've all struggled. What else would you like to tell my readers?

I hope that people can see my strength. I mean, I’m vulnerable as well but when it comes to standing up for myself and for what I think is right, I'm very assertive. And I'm self-made. I have never lived off a man’s paycheck or anything like that and I have made my own way. I encourage other women to make their own mark in the world no matter what they're doing.




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