Kristi Yamaguchi

Q.Where did the inspiration for your clothing line, Tsu.ya, come from? Does the name Tsu.ya have meaning?

Inspiration came from the needs I saw in my own wardrobe. What I want to wear as a busy, active, on-the-go mom. I also wanted to start a lifestyle brand like that of Newman's Own--a philanthropic minded brand to support the work of my Always Dream Foundation (for early childhood literacy).

Tsu.ya is my middle name, also my Grandmother's name. It's a family name and it's literal translation is "shiny, luster".

Q.You always look so stylish - whether you are working out or hanging out! Can you share your go-to fit look?

Well, with Tsu.ya it's easier for me to look stylish for my workouts! I love wearing pieces from the BLING group, like the Bling Fashion Top, Skirt Legging and Jacket. These looks got a lot of inspiration from my skating days.

Q.What was the biggest challenge associated with the filming of your Power Workout DVD? Any unexpected moments or surprises?

I thought we'd get rest periods while filming Power Workout*, but really it was all done all at once with multiple takes all the way through a section. It was 2 exhausting days of work, but very fulfilling too.

I felt a bit self-conscious because the music only played in our ears so we could be on time when it was edited, but no one else could hear it so we are high energy dancing but the crew just sees us move to silence. Funny!

*Kristi's Power Workout is also available on

Q.You're so fit and gorgeous. Clue us in on how you do it! Like your workout routine...

I say I get to rely a lot on my years of hard core training. I'm like any other busy mom who is lucky to find the time and energy to work out 1-3 times a week now. I try to be more consistent, but it's hard. Setting aside time and planning for it helps. Especially if I make workout "dates" with my girlfriends!

Q.How about 1 insider beauty tip on having fountain-of-youth-skin like yours?

I'm big on sun block...avoid sun damage while you're young!!!! All the years of living in a rink with florescent lights helped save my skin, I think.

Q.What’s your next adventure?

I'm working on a 3rd children's picture book* and plan to do some work during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. And of course always working on the next season for Tsu.ya and the Always Dream Foundation!

*Find Kristi's published children's books here!



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