Look Thinner In This Tank Top While You Work Out


Sometimes you CAN have your cake and eat it too. Literally.

You can still look slim at the gym no matter how much cake you had in this cute workout tank. I'm not condoning cake-binging but sometimes it happens. And it shouldn't stop you (and me) from looking our best to work out. About a week and half ago I was feeling and looking extremely bloated. My favorite workout tanks weren't helping the situation either. They were tight and grabbing at all the wrong places. Then I tried on this one...


It's called the Hourglass Tank by Ideology (Get it at Macy's for $34)

I own it in a deep purple color called ultraviolet but it comes in all the colors you see in the first photo above. I'm not lying--this tank slimmed me down and cheered me up during my uncomfortably bloated week.

I'm not sure why I was so bloated. Maybe it was from the stress of a hectic work week, intense training for my upcoming half-marathon, chronic insomnia and not drinking enough water. Regardless, this tank was hanging in my closet and I decided to wear it for the first time and BAM! I felt a whole lot sexier with it on!

Considering that I gave Ideology a less than rave review last year when I first previewed the collection, I must say this: clothes on display can look completely different when you try it on. I didn't see the full potential of this tank last year when I snapped the display table shot, but now as you can see I'm enjoying the "slimming" benefits.


The Hourglass Tank is worth the $34 price tag because...

  • It's made with moisture wicking fabric which keeps you dry and sweat stain free.
  • It has a seamless anti-chafing construction which doesn't grab at your skin and feels nice as you work out.
  • It's light and stretchy and has give for non-skinny days.
  • It's made with anti-microbial fabric which keeps gym stink at bay. (Not all activewear has this and I've heard a lot of fitness instructors complain that their workout clothes absorb B.O. from their classes. Lululemon is one brand I've heard complaints about but it's not the only one.)
  • And last but not least, it has a magical graphic design. Horizontal stripes across the belly are bookended by dark inverted half-circle shapes at the sides. This clever arrangement of lines and curves make your waistline appear smaller. It's amazing! Especially since I don't naturally have an hourglass shape but kind of look like I do in my pics.

Bari Lieberman, a respected health & fitness writer, noticed this trend right off the bat and even quoted me in her article written for Self.com called Is This The Most Slimming Gym Wear Ever? The answer may very well be yes.

Perhaps it's the reason Cheryl Burke signed on as the face and body of Ideology's activewear collection. I didn't realize she was close to my size until I saw her at the Ideology launch party. I can totally see why she'd love the Hourglass Tank. It gives short girls length in the midsection and makes all body types appear leaner. Even if it's just an illusion, what's wrong with that? As long as the cake tastes good going down it's a WIN WIN for all.


What's the most slimming sportswear item in your closet?

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