Michelle Vesterby - Triathlete Sponsored by ECCO

Q.Michelle, what’s the best part about your life as a professional athlete? Worst?

The best part is that it’s so much fun. I’m meeting lots of great people and traveling around the world. I’m constantly challenging my mind and body physically. This video here sums it all up!

The bad thing is being away from my friends and family...and missing weddings and Christmas parties.

Q.What are you training for right now?

Right now I’m training for the ITU world championship in France. But my main goal for the season is the Hawaiian Ironman.

Q.You've been running in the ECCO BIOM Racer Lite shoe. Is it your secret weapon?

The ECCO BIOM Racer is really light and makes you fly when you’re out there…compared to a heavy training shoe. I use it for speed sessions and races.

Q.I notice you wear them with flexy elastic laces...

There are good things and bad things about elastic laces. They help you get into your shoes really quickly. They're comfortable on your foot. But sometimes when you’re running, they’re not tight enough on your feet. A shoe has to be tight around the foot so that it’s not too flexible. But I like to train in them. I always wear them for races.

Q.Do you ever get out of your training shoes and wear heels???

I don’t save my money to buy hight heels. I mostly borrow them from my friends. Every time I go out, I raid their closets!

Q.Ok, let's stick to fitness fashion then, which I prefer anyway! What are your favorite brands?

All my streetwear is the same stuff that I go to the gym in. Most of my training is outside. So when I go to the gym I always wear looser clothes. I have Craft as a sponsor which I wear a lot during the daytime as well. Their stuff is getting much more fashionable than before.

I mostly wear ¾ tights and really colorful tops. Purple and pinks for me are really girlie. And I love that!

Q.I hear you also love the book 50 Shades of Grey? Um hello, tell us why!

I think it’s important for me (because I'm a really social person) to keep in contact and be connected with the world. I like doing things that have nothing to do with my sport.

I’m about to train for 5 weeks straight where my focus is just going to be my sport. But when I can, I really allow myself to relax. 50 Shades of Grey is a good break because I don’t have to think that much while I’m reading it.

Q.If not Christian Grey, who is your role model or greatest inspiration?

When I was growing up, my mother was my role model. Now I’m her idol!

My brother is my motivation to do what I do now. He was born handicapped and he passed away 6 years ago. I miss him a lot, everyday.

Mark was always smiling and always happy with his life. He passed away when the time was right for him…at 26.

Q.Wow, you're clearly a resilient woman. Can you share the toughest challenge you've had to face?

In a way, saying goodbye to my brother, probably was. But he was also the person who kept me motivated. Maybe that’s why I have this power in my head. Seeing Mark staying strong…that’s the thing that keeps me pushing.

My main challenge was always that people didn’t believe in me. These were people that were waiting for me to fail so that they could say “I told you so.” You find out who your real friends are...who's supportive and who's not.



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