MizzFIT On Buns Of Steal


I'm flattered...I'm blushing...I'm so excited to grace the virtual pages of Buns of Steal! Julia Neyman, writer and creator of the blog Buns of Steal, had no choice but to become my fitness muse. Why? Because I told her so! Check out her blog for how to achieve a high class fitness regimen without ever having to spend a dime. Yep, all for FREE! Somehow, some way she hunts down free classes and trial memberships in whatever city she happens to be living in...right now it's NYC. This girl's got moxie. What's not to love?


A snippet from Julia's blog post follows below but definitely click the link above for the full Buns of Steal experience.

Facility: Pure Yoga
Location: Upper West Side
Pass: Free trial session
Money Saved: can't even estimate, because yoga here is limited to members ($150/month membership); but, if you're a member of (the dreaded) Equinox, you can drop in on a class for $25 a day.

So, Mizzfit and I tried to meet; for coffee, for Bikram... but nothing seemed to work. We were both swamped. Finally, she gave me an offer I couldn't refuse: Pure West, a yoga emporium that looks more like the Mandarin Oriental than your neighborhood crunchy granola, apparently gave free trial sessions. All I had to do was call them and say I saw a promotion online (vague, but I'll give it a shot).





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