MizzFIT Teams Up with JackRabbit NYC - See the Windows and Join the Resolve Campaign!

Guess what?! The JackRabbit Sports store in downtown NYC (on 14th street) let me turn their storefront window into a stylish Winter Runderland. The big news is that I've teamed up with JackRabbit Sports to bring you their best Resolve Campaign ever for 2012!

jackrabbit sign store

It all started on Dec 8th when I took over JackRabbit's windows and went crazy with all kinds of snow supplies. It was all in the name of outdoor running, which shouldn't become obsolete when the temperature drops.

jackrabbit mannequin bunny ears

You can still run outside comfortably if you're suited and geared up based on 2 things: 1) warmth and 2) functional style. Take inspiration from the 2 bunnyquins I styled. Everything they're wearing is made for cold-weather running and it's all very stylish. Like these limited edition New Balance run shoes which are unisex-ually amazing. Don't be scared...just let them hug your feet with their feather-light love.

new balance run shoes

Every piece is tailored for movement and built with insulation as well as moisture wicking. It's all available for purchase at JackRabbit stores, renown for carrying only the best brands for serious runners.

bianca jade sportswear styling jackrabbit

I dressed the bunnyquins in bright colors because when it snows, it's your time to stand out and add color to the bleak outdoors. Get creative and inspired by your run-wear. Express your personality!

close up jackrabbit windows

So here's the deal on RESOLVE 2012: It's a series of talks, networking clinics and workouts hosted by JackRabbit Sports that are intended to motivate you to stick to your workout routine and New Years resolutions for the full year ahead. Everyone who participates will receive a JackRabbit tech tee and will have the chance to win a personal shopping experience with me at the store, which includes a **free winter running outfit valued at $250**. The more you participate in JackRabbits events, the better your chance at winning the running styling prize. Resolve 2012 info is available in JackRabbit Sports stores and the JackRabbit Sports Website.

Additionally, I'll be giving a $100 JackRabbit Sports gift certificate to the MizzFIT reader who best proves their commitment to the running resolutions they've made for 2012. I'm going to let you kids get creative on how to prove that but here's how I'd like to be convinced--with pictures and social media action! If you really want to win the gift certificate,  Follow me on Twitter and tweet me on your progress. I'll be tracking you by the tweets/pics you send me and rooting you on into the month of February, at which point I'll pick the most resolved of the bunch. It's really quite easy and $100 will get you some cool gear at JackRabbit. I'll be anxiously awaiting your tweets!

Much love and thanks to Dana Walsh of FitCeleb.com (that's us below), MaryBeth Smith and Luke McCambley for helping me build JackRabbit's Winter Runderland.

mizzfit dana walsh fitceleb




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