My Fiancé Proposed To Me (Again!) On The Edge NYC Skydeck

Man on one knee proposing to woman on a new york city skydeck.

I'm engaged...OFFICIALLY! Even though Joseph W. and I have been together for nearly 9 years now, we officially started our journey together on March 18th, 2022 as one very engaged couple! For 2 people terrified of heights, I think we killed it. Edge NYC is the highest outdoor skydeck in the Western Hemisphere. Peak Hudson Yards is one of the most sought after sky-high restaurants for private events. The day before we had ours there, Jeff Bezos had reserved the same room! So crazy! All I know is that I'm excited to begin this new phase of my life with Joe. He's been my best friend since Day 1 and to this day he still is.

We also posted this shorter video to Instagram! The one above is the longer version but this one really sums up the energy of that day.




Make sure to watch all our videos documenting our journey to the altar in my YouTube playlist called  "From Proposal to Wedding"  where I'll be documenting every step of our journey including wedding planning.

Please leave comments, here and on YouTube! I love to hear your deepest thoughts, questions, tips, suggestiongs and even your constructive criticism. Just be considerate...remember, this is the most important time of my life that I'm openly sharing with you! ;)

Video shot & edited by my friend Claire of



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