My Mission to get VR Therapy to Honduran Cancer Children

Virtual Reality For Children Battling Cancer


This video really says it all. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch it. I'd still love to go into a bit of detail so you can fully understand why I decided to do this. But first, and most importantly:


This link will take you to the GoFundMe page where I am raising money for the Virtual Reality program. My mission is to keep these children in fighting spirit! Hopeful, happy and full of curiosity and lust for life. They're kids...They deserve to feel this way ALL THE TIME.

Ok, so here's how it all began...

In June of 2019, I visited my family’s beautiful country of Honduras where I spent time volunteering with the Honduran Children’s Cancer Foundation: "La Fundacíon Hondureña Para El Niño Con Cancer". It was unsettling and difficult to see Honduran children in treatment, suffering not just physically but mentally through their disease. For example, the little girl in this photo--she was NOT happy. She was upset about losing her hair...she didn't want to be in the hospital...and she didn't feel good. She also didn't want to socialize (with me). Can you blame her? Cancer is rough.

I know cancer happens in every country but third world countries are at a real disadvantage and need our support. And sometimes we just have to step in and provide it. 

The Honduran Children’s Cancer Foundation has implemented incredible therapeutic activities for their over 6000 young patients. Instead of sitting through chemo deflated, the kids are transported to outer space, a breezy beach, or just somewhere awe inspiring that takes their mind off of the medicine, the sickness and stress. And it all happens with 3D Virtual Reality! The kids absolutely love it. It fascinates them and brings creativity and entertainment to an otherwise sad and sterile environment.

Many of these fighters have a great chance at recovery and then there are the ones who do not, but they still should have and feel the will to live.I was able to spend some time with these precious souls and I knew from the core of my heart I had to get involved. I came back to New York determined to make a difference for these kids. So I’m asking you, at a very special time of year when we open our hearts to giving, to join me in helping to raise money for this cause. Sorry to be redundant, but this is where you can donate: (I do have a motive I can't help but repeat myself). I want these kids to dream. I don't want them to be despondent.

It doesn't matter what you give, every dollar donated is a gift that will be put into this program to help the children you see in this video, and the 6,000 that are being treated daily. 

To begin putting the Virtual Reality program into effect so that there are enough VR headsets and equipment for the children during their treatments, we need to raise $5,000. I KNOW WE CAN DO IT and raise so much more to fully cover the implementation of this program. And I will be perfectly honest here, but right now there is only 1 headset at the hospital.  We are aiming to purchase 50 or more.

Cancer treatment isn’t just about medicine, it’s about the fight to live and staying positive. The Virtual Reality program is already working with the limited equipment the foundation has, but I know we can do this together with your help! Please give what you can and thank you from my heart and from these children who will grow up to pay it forward one day because you helped.

Many of the survivors from this hospital (now in their 20's) actually work for the foundation as volunteers and employees. If that doesn't warm your heart, then maybe this photo of this little girl will. She is who your donations are going to. 

I also really need to take a moment to thank everyone who helped me put this GoFundMe initiative together. Let's start with the incredible videographers who donated their time: Pio in Honduras and Daphne Youree in New York. You can't tell a story without documenting it, and I'm grateful for these two for doing that. Many thanks as well to Hanany Flores who worked out the numbers and did all the planning for how we were going to tell this story to all of you. We didn't have a budget to do this...but we made it happen...with LOVE! And that's how we're going to raise $5,000 too!

Muchas gracias a todos (especially to all you who donate) and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

XO, Bianca Jade



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