My Thoughts on Victoria Secret's Fairly New Fitness Line Called VSX SEXY SPORT

Victoria Secret VSX


What's VSX?

Well, Victoria's Secret decided it was high time to jump into the sportswear market and designed a sweat-worthy collection they're calling VSX.


So far from what I've seen, I'm loving the padded sports bras. Who's going to say no to molded cups and padding for smooth shaping and lift? Not me.


Too Safe?

Gotta say, I'm feeling like Victoria's Secret played it safe with this line. I kind of wished they had called it VSXXX and made the line a naughtier. Or taken some inspiration from the Red Light District and all it's amazingness. I'm not saying it should be dirty or trashy-lacey, just more risque in a fun and wearable kind of way. Right now it seems like the only thing making the line sexy are the models. Just sayin' it would be nice to see something different for a change. And I had high sexy hopes for VSX. But that doesn't mean I won't snag one of their push up bras...just hope it delivers on extra cleavage!


What are your thoughts?

Would you shop this collection and do you trust Victoria's Secret when it comes to workout clothes? I'm curious to hear what you think and whether you're a fan or not. Leave a comment to win a MizzFIT t-shirt (1 random winner will be chosen in the next week or so).

VSX collection

Happy Labor Day!




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