My Unicorn Horn Necklace and its Symbolism

This rose gold unicorn horn pendant necklace is so special to me. I'm often seen wearing it because it represents a lot of what I believe in as far as self-confidence, growth and our potential to be better humans every day of our lives. Yes, the unicorn is a fascinating mythical creature that captivates our imaginations but it's also symbolism for feminine energy and innocense. 
When we're little, we're told that unicorns are hard to find. They remain in hiding so no one can capture them. They're often spotted in forests and on green, rolling hills but they only reveal themselves to special people. They're impossible to catch because they don't want to be your pet. A unicorn is one-of-a-kind, loyal when it falls in love and known for inspiring wonder in the eyes of it's beholder. All of that is true...but it's merely symbolism for a woman who values herself, knows her worth and can envision her future independent of a partner. 
Why indepedent of a partner? Because you have to love yourself before you can hand out love. You have to fly before you can flock. You have to have your own ambitions before you can collaborate. Get what I'm saying? The unicorn...or always evolving. 
They call her the Master of Transformation because she gives us the ability to believe anything is possible. She'll give you the eyes to see those possibilities and the wisdom to take advantage of them. Does this sound familiar? I know it does to me.
This has always been the kind of woman I aspire to be. And my hunch is that it resonates with you too. We are all unicorns. Sometimes we just need a nudge or a gentle reminder that we hold this power. That's why I wear "my horn" around my neck. And in most cases, only you will know it's a unicorn horn. Everyone else will just say, "That's so pretty." Its subtlety will allow you to remain in hiding ;)
My necklace comes in silver, rose gold and 14 ct yellow gold and is handmade by Jana Reinhardt Jewelers. They have several unicorn designs allowing you to express your love for the creature in different ways. You can also explore the other animals and critters that inspire them.
I fell so in love with my necklace when I first got it that I included it as a perk in one of my Mizzfit Quarterly Boxes. We provided an amazing exclusive discount for it and now, so many of my box subscribers wear it proudly. It feels good to share this sentimental piece and perhaps open your eyes to the fact that the real unicorn is you!


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