My Workout Routine Update: Natural Pilates

I might as well start posting updates on my workout routine, since these covid-19 times have dramatically limited all of our fitness options nation-wide. YES, I'm still working out every day and NO, it wasn't easy to restructure my workout routine. Over the past 5 months, I've been able to find outdoor classes, workout videos, trainers, a running team and so on, that compliment my schedule. But I'm going to be honest, the stuff that isn't online is few and far between because people are trying to social distance and exercise safely. Group classes and gatherings of people don't lend themselves to that.

New York, as hard as it was hit by coronavirus, has a lot of brave fitness fanatics. So if you're nterested in working out socially, and try hard enough, you'll find it. As someone who's well connected in the fitness industry, I get access to a lot (some things very underground) but only a few things seem worth the risk or eve feel challenging enough. It's been quite an "exploratory" experience to say the least. My days of hopping around from one boutique fitness studio to another in NYC no longer exist, and I'm not sure it will again for a long time. Sadly this is the city where many studios made the difficult financial decision to permanently close. 

Currently, my weekly fitness routine is outdoor HIIT classes, online yoga, running and Natural Pilates. I discovered Natural Pilates studios from all my trips to LA and fell in love with the workout because it really works your core and helps you build long amd lean muscle. I subsequently became good friends with the founder (Laura Wilson) who I love just as much as her workout...if not more.  In response to Covid-19, Laura launched Natural Pilates TV, which offers live and digital classes on a gorgeous platform.

Laura told me all about it when I recently trained with her in LA (she took these pics of me during our torture session which I gladly submitted to).  She was like, “you really have to try it...all you need is a ball and Pilates circle, and we’ll notify you each time we go live”. Convinced, I took a ball and circle back home with me to New York, and now I’m so in love! There are many workouts I’ve been hesitant to try on digital because I assume I won’t love them as much as I do when I’m at the studio in person. And I’m sure you probably feel the same, as there can be an element of boredom or lack of motivation to digital. But that's in your head, so get over it! I got over it.

The reality is that it’s going to be a long time until in-studio classes will be available in many cities, and even longer until they resemble the experience we once had and loved about them. So if you’re looking for a Pilates solution, don’t hesitate, and just try this one from home:  Use my code BIANCA for 25% off your first 2 months. Then once you make it out to LA, go see Laura!




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