Naked Yoga Class in NYC


I just read the article Hot Nude Yoga: Shedding Clothes To Shed Pounds which references Naked Yoga NYC and thought you freaky deaky's out there might want to know about it. This isn't a class I'll be reviewing unless of course someone gets me very drunk. So I recommend reading the article because the author, Ryan McLendon, actually participated in naked yoga and shares his views on it. I'm not judging (ok, maybe I am a little) but I think yoga is about looking inward and screening out chaos and distraction. I practice yoga a few times a week and sometimes it's the only way I can relax. If naked bodies became a part of my yoga experience, I would seriously cry. How is nudity NOT DISTRACTING...or funny...or gross...or downright tantalizing? I just don't get how a roomful of naked strangers will help me find inner peace. What if you catch someone staring at your vajayjay or you accidentally stare at someone else's? Don't even get me started on a penis stare down! It couldn't be more awkward or uncomfortable. Are you supposed to acknowledge a new haircut or piercing? What's the protocol here?

Nude yoga has been popular among gay men but it's now starting to draw a mixed crowd. Ryan McLendon writes:

At Naked Yoga NYC in Manhattan, nude yoga isn't such a boys club. Instructor Isis Phoenix, 29, said her coed nude yoga studio attracts "a well-rounded population of ages, genders and sexual orientations." The men usually outnumber women two-to-one, however.

I looked up instructor Isis Phoenix online. Ummm, she's hot...which clarifies why her classes are drawing a mixed crowd of nude yoga wannabes. But maybe I'm wrong. I'd still love to hear from Naked Yoga NYC fans. I want to know what I'm missing without having to drop my panties. Speak up, nudies!

Photo courtesy of Naked Yoga NYC



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