Nevis Island is Your Next YOLO Adventure!

A Beach foot path at Four Seasons Resort on Nevis Island.

As the Digital Travel Ambassador to Nevis, I have the very important responsibility and ultimate luxury of visiting once a year to update everyone on what's new and wonderful on the island, and to provide you with tips for planning your trip. It’s literally the best gig ever!

Nevis Island is a place I call a 2nd home, and I truly believe everyone must see and experience this natural island for themselves. Last month, I flew to St. Kitts and boated over to Nevis with my videographer, Alla Rico, to capture 2 days at the charming Montpelier Plantation Inn and 2 days at the stunning Four Seasons Resort.

Please keep in mind, travel requirements to the Caribbean remain fairly strict in 2021 but as long as you follow instructions carefully in regards to Covid testing prior to arriving on the island (no rapid tests allowed) you'll be fine! Just know, this isn't Florida! When you arrive to St. Kitts by air, you'll go through careful protocols (which you can find here) before entry. You must follow protocols. These islands are small and they're working very hard to keep COVID-19 at bay, because in small communities, it can spread very quickly.

Once on Nevis, a short boat ride from St. Kitts, you'll find the greenest island you've ever seen in your life! If you plan to stay for 9+ days, you'll be able to go off resort and explore much of the island. The 2 destinations that I split my time between on my trip are both so beautiful and yet very different from one another. Montpelier Plantation Inn is up higher in the hills of Nevis overlooking the island (it's quite a site to wake up to in the morning!) while the Four Seasons Resort is seaside where you can literally dip your toes into the ocean whenever you want. And if you’re like me, you'll also wake up for an early morning run around the resort! Both hotels have an immaculate view of Nevis Peak and offer quintessential R&R experiences.

At Montpelier Plantation Inn you'll have the opportunity to practice yoga with a private instructor and cook a meal with a 2-time Mango Festival chef winner and culinary genius! The pool bar is fun and right across the road you have the Nevis Botanical Gardens. At the Four Seasons, there are several prestine pools, airy outdoor restaurants with impressive menus and staff beaming with smiles! Also, there's lobster and ceviche dinners to satisfy your Caribbean food cravings. Literally SO GOOD! I always love mixing it up and when it comes to these 2 premier destinations, I saw WHY NOT BOTH?

And for the record, there are many destinations on Nevis Island to explore! Next time I go, I'll be introducing you to different resorts. This is why I love returning to Nevis, as the options are all so special and desirable, catering to all kinds of travelers...even artists! I recommend mixing it up while you’re in Nevis, as the island is small, so it’s possible to do and see a lot while you’re there!

Please hit me up with your questions. I'm here to give you answers!



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