A New Spin on Spinning


I'm not a die-hard spinner. I don't own cycling shoes or biking capris with padding built-in the rear. Simply put, I'm a girl who likes a challenging full body workout and that's exactly what I got when I took my first SoulCycle class. SoulCycle takes the concept of traditional spinning and completely shakes it up. It's a powerful workout that goes beyond alternating positions in and out of the saddle. You'll dance, twist out abdominals, lift weights and do a vinyasa on your bike (all while spinning). You'll tone more than just your legs, but I can guarantee they'll feel the burn. 

SoulCycle kickstarts with a killer pop music soundtrack and inspirational coaching by hard-bodied instructors who are celebrities in their own right. My favorite part of class is when spin master, Stacey Griffith, encourages you to make up your own move on the bike. She shouts over the music:

It doesn't matter what you look like. No one cares. 

She's right. No one cares because everyone's having a blast finding their own groove. Stacey Griffith's coaching style is a blend of toughness and endearing humor. If she isn't riding with you, she's walking between bike sections feeding you reasons to pedal faster, bicep curl longer and fight through the creeping fatigue. Her class experience is a bit religious in a downtown New York City kind of way and she definitely has a loyal following, so reserve your bikes in advance. I recommend her Friday class at 1PM in Tribeca. Go ahead, escape the office for "lunch". The studio has full locker rooms with showers and everything you need.

3 SoulCycle classes in and I'm officially a fan. Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper and Brooke Shields (who was in my class!!) are fans too. In January, Chelsea Clinton picked SoulCycle Tribeca (the newest of 5 studios) to organize a special 90-minute ride to benefit The Clinton Haiti Relief Fund. Spots sold quickly at $1,000/bike and together, a room full of SoulCyclers raised $65,000 for Haiti. SoulCycle isn't just a trend or a cult (as it's been called), it's a movement of people who believe working out should be fun and life-changing.


$32/class, $3/shoe rental, $2/smart water




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