A New Wave of Yoga Hits Saint Louis


Sometimes things just flow together and merge into a wave of awesomeness. That’s exactly what happened when Jeanne Campbell and Angela Culbertson met teaching yoga in Saint Louis, Missouri. They became fast friends and then business partners in April of 2009. A few months and several vinyasas later, they opened Ullola in midtown Saint Louis. Ullola is Sanskrit for “large wave or surge”, a fitting name for the dynamic duo’s urban studio dedicated entirely to the practice of Hatha Yoga.

The concept of traditional Hatha Yoga is to balance mind and body through physical postures called asanas, poses, controlled breathing, relaxation and meditation. Jeanne and Angela have given it their own spin, teaching classes that gradually build into a total body workout, strengthen your willpower, and make you sweat. Theirs is a holistic approach that caters to yoga enthusiasts and regulars, not so much the occasional drop-in. Among the enthusiasts are 9 to 5’ers, novelists and firemen—a varied bunch who are all in great shape and good spirits. It’s that mind-body thing…it works.

Classes at Ullola accommodate 12-14 people and feel more like private sessions than group fitness. Jeanne and Angela will guide you through challenging poses and modify your form when needed. If you’re new to yoga—no problem. Try a yoga basics class without intimidation. If you’re a pro, try the advanced power yoga class. It’s my favorite and promises a solid night of sleep after an intense 90 minutes of challenging postures.

Yoga at Ullola is a unique experience. Expect no frills…because the most you’ll get is a serene candle-lit ambiance at the start of class. But who needs frills? Our lives are full of them. You’re there to de-frill and restore. At Ullola, this means working towards a clear mind, strong body, and content soul.

Classes are $12-14 and yoga equipment is provided. BYOW (bring your own water) and make sure to attend a class taught by Jeanne or Angela. Enjoy!

Ullola Yoga, 14 N. Sarah St. Louis, Mo 63104, 314.534.1878

UPDATE: Angela Culbertson is now the sole owner and studio director at Ullola. She can be directly reached for questions about the studio and classes at angela@ullolayoga.com.



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