No Waves? No Board? No problem. Get A Surf Girl's Body With This Workout!

Your summer is screaming for WAVESHAPE!

It's the surf-girl-body workout that's absolutely FREE and taught by my super hottie friend, Adam Rosante. For the record, he's not a narcissist. I just like putting talk bubbles on people's pictures.

To get in WaveShape, you don't need to live in NYC or LA. You don't need fancy equipment either. I love this workout! That's why I made this video with Adam--to give you a peek at WaveShape and to show you how it put a fitness nut like me completely out of breath!

Why was Adam in a robe? I thought maybe, just maybe he'd show some skin. Instead he let me dress him. So if you're looking for sportswear to dress your own man in, here's what I recommend:

Adam is a total guy's guy so everything I picked out mirrored that.

  1. He has a line of killer t-shirts on his company site called People's Bootcamp (his other workout). The motto: EAT CLEAN. TRAIN DIRTY. LIVE HARD. Nothing cheesy about that.
  2. I picked my favorite tee and matched it to a pair of 2XU Run Shorts ($55) that looked amazing on him. They're medium length with a nice, slim fit.
  3. The shoes, which he loved, are called Transition Motion from C9 by Champion, which can be bought inexpensively ($30) at Target. Who'd a thought!

Adam didn't need much so this was an easy styling job for me--and an easy one for you to put together for your guy too! If only my outfits were this easy!!!


If you watched the video, you know there's a giveaway (a Calavera surf bikini + People's Bootcamp tank) for the person who creates the most eye-catching WaveShape YouTube video of themself doing the workout or a favorite move from the workout. Just remember to use the hashtag #WAVESHAPE in the title of your YouTube video. And go have some fun getting in WAVESHAPE!

I'm doing a little giveaway of my own in the comments section below. A funny "bootylicious" prize gets mailed to whoever can finish this sentence best (with as many words as you like):

Adam Rosante's robe ________________ in the next MizzFIT video.

I love a good Mad Lib!




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