Norma Kamali - Fashion Designer

Q.Everyone in fashion knows you are a wellness advocate and innovator. How does it feel to represent more than just fashion?

Fashion has a powerful effect on the way someone feels and performs. Fitness and health builds self esteem and supports a strong image. There is no way you can separate the two. I believe fashion always looks better on someone who feels good about themselves.

Q.At what point in your life did you become interested and seriously committed to fitness?

1980...I was thirty-five and wanting to go out less especially every night dancing, which was typical of the 70's. So working out was my next choice. I did all types of activities including running and fast walking.

Q.You design clothes that can be worn fashionably for fitness. What do you consider the most important elements of sportswear?

Modern fabrics that move with the body and that are easy to care for.  

Q.If you could only work out in 1 thing from one of your collections, what would it be and why?

Anything as long as I have on a good bra.

Q.Can you share your favorite fitness fashion tips?

For your workout, find the best cut pant and top for your body so that you're inspired to improve what you see in the mirror and not get depressed.
Wash active styles made with Lycra immediately after use. Bacteria from sweating deteriorates even the best of fabrics, so washing thoroughly maintains the fit and life span of your activewear.

Q.It's no secret that you love and frequent Physique57. What keeps you going so religiously...without getting bored?

Physique57 is a workout you can never truly master. Some days you feel like you do better than others but doing it right all the time is hard and varies from class to class.

I never try for the same instructors but take whoever is teaching so the surprise is always great to keep the variation fun. I take all levels except beginner and that keeps you challenged as well.

There is nothing like reaching the end of a class and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Q.I read somewhere that you do Gyrokinesis. What's that all about?

It is a perfect compliment to Physique57. It is a dancer type discipline and works on strengthening and lengthening. There are a few small gyms in NYC that include gyro mat which I prefer to the machines.

Q.Favorite pre or post-workout snack or beverage?

Coconut water is good before and after to maintain electrolyte levels.  For post-workout, I have juices from my Wellness Cafe*.

*Natural, pressed juices only sold in-store.

Q.Your wellness routine also includes swallowing a spoonful of olive oil every day? Why do you do this?

Olive oil is a liquid gold elixir. Swallowing at least one tablespoon is a great way to stay regular and maintain internal health. The more time food sits in the colon and the intestines, the more toxins are released into your body. We want the toxins to exit, not to be confined and contaminate the body. Olive oil is also great for skin, hair and anything that you can think of.

Q.Can you share another health trend you’re excited about or one that you’d like to see happen?

Non processed foods for all children!!! Mandatory in all schools would be great. 

Q.Your sunglasses are part of your signature look...even indoors. Is having a signature look crucial to fashion?

I hate prescription glasses but loved my [NK Collection] sunglasses, so there you go. Personal style is a great way to be creative everyday.



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